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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida, USA (AP) – Getting angry worked wonders for the Boston Celtics.

Their first victory in the Eastern Conference finals came two days after Marcus Smart unleashed a series of loud and emotional shouts from inside the Celtics’ dressing room, all seconds after the Miami Heat took a 2 lead. -0 in the series.

The lead is now 2-1, after the Celtics played brilliantly in Game 3 and will try to carry that momentum into Game 4 on Wednesday night.

“I’ve always said that before you see the rainbow, there has to be a storm,” Smart commented Monday, speaking publicly about the outbreak after the second game for the first time. “For us, that was the storm we had to go through. We found our happy place ”.

Now it is Miami’s turn to find a happy place, although an unhappy place would seem somewhat more appropriate. The Heat never had the upper hand in Game 3, they got into a double-digit hole for the third game in a row in this series and fourth in a row overall, and due to a quirk in the schedule they can now sit back and wait quietly for three full days before getting a chance to atone for what went wrong on Saturday.

“There are two teams competing against each other,” said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. “So as much as they want to say, ‘It’s just about us and we have to do X, Y and Z,’ the Boston Celtics have something to say about that. Likewise, when they are doing whatever they are trying to do, we have something to say about it. “

The Celtics’ annoyance was not a secret and was publicly exposed as reporters near the dressing room heard the commotion after the second game, with Smart being the only one to light the fuse.

The Heat did not have a visible or audible explosion after the third game of the series, on Sunday they took time to rest mentally and physically, and returned to work on Monday with a video session, work off the court and had more meetings planned for the afternoon.

But Miami continues to lead the series, which is why the Celtics are trying to go into Game 4 with the same aggression they did in Game 3.

“I think each game is unique, that’s the way it is. We all have the same schedule, ”said Brad Stevens, Celtics coach. “We know that we are going to be able to play the best match we have made in game 4 of this series to have a chance to win. That is how the series work. It’s the way the playoffs work. You have to be better every game ”.

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