Cenagas declares its critical alert for natural gas supply concluded

The National Center for Natural Gas Control (Cenagas), declared the end of the critical alert which he declared last Tuesday, due to the low availability of supply of natural gas in Mexico.

The above, like consequence of weather conditions adverse events that were recorded in the state of Texas.

The agency reported that as of 3:00 p.m. this Saturday, the risk in the operating conditions and in the infrastructure of the Integrated National Natural Gas Transportation and Storage System (SISTRANGAS), has concluded and, consequently, ends the declaration of “critical alert” in said system.

In addition, the consumption restrictions required as a mitigation measure are removed.

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Through a statement, Dinners indicated that in accordance with the applicable regulations, it will assign the measurement of the natural gas transported during the validity of the declaration of State of Alert and Critical Alert, and reserves the right to carry out the necessary actions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, he specified, it is requested to maintain constant communication with suppliers from the United States and nationals in order to build transportation programs in strict adherence to the availability of natural gas.

Likewise, he reiterated the need to adhere to the programs in order to maintain the balance of the system and avoid a new declaration of operational restriction.

It is worth mentioning that, derived from the low availability of natural gas supply in Mexico, as a consequence of the snowfalls in the southern United States, the National Center for the Control of Natural gas, declared Critical Alert in said system on February 16.

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This, according to Cenagas, was decided in order to ensure operational security and integrity, as well as balance and continuity in the provision of the service, and in order to affect the users of said System to the least extent.

As a result of said declaration, Cenagas implemented the necessary intervention actions to remedy the effects on both the System and the users due to the lack of natural gas supply, to which it was said not to be.



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