Centenary of 11 November: ceremonies under high surveillance in Paris


The Paris Police Prefecture fears overflows linked to the autonomous movement on the sidelines of official events.

The event is historical, the era was dangerous. Faced with a terrorist threat considered as "Particularly high", the Paris police prefecture (PP) has taken exceptional measures to ensure the official events taking place in Paris on Sunday 11 November around the commemoration of the centenary of the war armistice of 14-18. With the presence in the capital of 72 heads of state, government and international organization and 98 foreign delegations, the PP evokes a "Maximum mobilization" of its services and announces the deployment of about 10,000 members of the order forces. Apart from the risk of an attack, however, it is the potential disorder attributed to activists of the radical left that worries the authorities.

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"From 200 to 400 elements with high violent potential"

A "black bloc" could really form at the head of the demonstration held on Sunday afternoon in Piazza della Repubblica to protest against the presence in Paris of US President Donald Trump. Friday The Parisian contained a confidential note to which his journalists had access to indicate it "From 200 to 400 elements with a high violent potential could try to go out in a wild walk and try to reach the suburbs of the United States Embassy, ​​Eliseo (…) and / or the great hall of La Villette (…) where the [première] edition of the Paris Forum on Peace. "

On the Paris-Luttes information site, the Paris-Banlieue Anti-Fascist Action calls its supporters to take the initiative of the demonstration on Sunday to demonstrate its opposition to the arrival of the White House tenant, considered as " an offense to all the victims of his politics, both in the United States and around the world ". More generally, the left group calls for mobilization against "The celebration of the end of a slaughterhouse alongside today's butchers, in memory of the millions of dead, wounded and missing." Since the mobilization against labor law in 2016, the main processions organized by the autonomous movement have been at the center of violent clashes with the police.

Traffic restrictions

The police prefecture has announced that the subway access to the Republic Square where the event will take place will be closed on Sunday and a wide perimeter forbidden to vehicles could be set up in the surrounding streets if it is considered that circumstances require it This traffic restriction is added to many measures that limit access to different points of the capital that came into force on 10 November.

To ensure the Saturday evening dinner at the Musée d'Orsay by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, and where the heads of state, government and international organization in the capital were expected, a perimeter of the traffic ban was introduced by 18 hours between Boulevard Saint-Germain, rue de Rivoli, Place de la Concorde and Pont Neuf. The Philharmonie in Paris, where a concert is held for members of foreign delegations, was the subject of similar measures in the north-east of Paris.

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Passage of the procession of foreign guests

On Sunday, assuring the ceremony of the Arc de Triomphe, from 7 in the morning the closure of a significant part of the districts of western Paris ends, on a perimeter that goes from the Tuileries to the Bois de Boulogne. The metro stations located near the Champs Elysees must also be closed from 8 am and exits from Porte Dauphine to the ring road will be neutralized from 13:00 to 20:00. The device will also be closed to traffic on twelve kilometers between the Porte de la Muette and Porte de Pantin from 13:00 to 16:00 due to the passage of the procession of foreign guests who after having lunch at Versailles will go to the main hall of the Villas for the opening of the peace forum on Sunday afternoons. Even the Porte de Pantin exits will be neutralized from 12 to 22 hours.


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