Central Sulawesi Police Chief Visits Victim’s House Parimo Police Chief: Welcoming Sobs, Promises Law Enforcement

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, PALU- Central Sulawesi Police Chief Inspector General of Police Rudy Sufahriadi visited the house of S (20), the victim of the commission immoral from Parimo Police Chief (Parigi Moutong).

During his visit Central Sulawesi Police Chief promised that his party would investigate the case professionally.

“I went to the victim’s house to make sure that I would professionally deal with the wrong member,” said Rudy to the media crew at the DP3AP2KB Office, Kampal Village, Parigi District, Tuesday (19/10/2021).

The arrival of the Kapolda is a form of the Central Sulawesi Police’s seriousness in handling cases of criminal acts immoral by Person Parimo Police Chief.

“The individual has been handled by Propam, what is the punishment, we will see the results of the examination later,” said Rudy.

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“What is certain is that we, the Central Sulawesi Police, obey the law,” added the man who was born on August 23, 1965.

The visit of the Kapolda was accompanied by the Regent and Deputy Regent of Parimo, as well as the Office of Women’s Empowerment, Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning (DP3AP2KB).

Previously, members of the Parigi Moutong Sector Police in Central Sulawesi were reported to have committed a crime immoral against a girl.

The girl is known to be the child of the suspect who is currently serving a detention period in the work area of ​​the police chief.

Illustration of harassment (Yonhap News)

The police chief with the rank of Ipda slept with the victim in a hotel room with the lure of the suspect’s freedom.

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