Centuries of physical mysteries related to the three objects are finally solved

Technian-Israel Institute of Technology

Professors Haggai Beret and Jonathan Barry Jinad. The three-body problem is one of the oldest mysteries of physics. It is about the movement of a system of three bodies like the sun, earth and moon.

Nationalgeographic.co.id—The problem is three things One of them mystery Is the oldest in Physics. This problem is about the motion of systems of three bodies, such as the sun, earth, and moon, and how their orbits change and expand due to the mutual gravitational force.

When one large object approaches another, the relative motion of the two bodies follows a path determined by their mutual gravitational attraction. But when two objects move together and change their position in their path, the force between them also depends on their mutual position. In the end it affects their path and beyond.

For two objects (such as the Earth orbiting the Sun without the influence of other objects), the Earth’s orbit will follow a certain curve, which can be described mathematically (an ellipse).

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