Entertainment Cepillín joined the controversy of Las Lavanderas and defended...

Cepillín joined the controversy of Las Lavanderas and defended the romance of Karla Panini: “It is love that wins”

Cepillín spoke about Karla Panini’s romance and made an order (IG: cepillintv / malinfluencersmx)

The clown Ricardo González “Cepillín” joined the controversy of “Las Lavanderas” and defended the love between Karla Panini and Américo Garza, who was a partner of the deceased Karla Luna.

During an interview with the program Selling, Cepillín spoke of the recent scandal involving the women with whom he had the opportunity to live.

First He asked Karla Panini to allow Karla Luna’s daughters to live with her mother’s family.

“I think it’s fair and it’s Karla’s mistake if she keeps doing it, You must allow your other family to save them. “

Cepillín referred to Karla Panini's romance with Américo Garza (Screenshot)

Cepillín referred to Karla Panini’s romance with Américo Garza (Screenshot)

When talking about the romance between Panini and Américo Garza, which began when he was still a partner with Karla Luna, the famous clown he said, unable to judge someone and highlighted the love that exists between the two to the point that they continued together and married.

“Neither money nor love can be hidden”, He assured and explained that love arose in the midst of the frequent coexistence that the three had.

He also said that if Garza were from another religion he could have married up to seven women.

Karla Panini now lives with Garza and the daughters he had with Luna (IG: malinfluencersmx)

Karla Panini now lives with Garza and the daughters he had with Luna (IG: malinfluencersmx)

“Could I judge that people love each other? No”, said Cepillín, who also said:

“The fact that the Panini fell in love with Karla Luna’s husband … it is love that wins there in this case.”

He commented that it was a problem of three and nothing can be done with the fact that Karla Luna has not forgiven. However, he recognized that she was a “wonderful woman” and it saddens him that the entire conflict came to light, although he trusted that people know how to forgive.

The position of Karla Panini’s ex

For the same program Aztec TV spoke this week Óscar Burgos, Karla Panini’s ex-husband with whom she had her son Gabriel.

Oscar Burgos commented that he cannot have a bad relationship with Karla Panini, the mother of his son (IG: oscarburgostv / malinfluencersmx)

Oscar Burgos commented that he cannot have a bad relationship with Karla Panini, the mother of his son (IG: oscarburgostv / malinfluencersmx)

The producer regretted being so involved in the controversy, but explained that he only wants hatred to end.

I do everything for my sonI do not want him to have an ugly image of his mother or of Americo because he lives with him, I do not want people to hate anyone, it is a situation that happened between the two of them, it was a problem between the two of them and now I am very involved”.

Despite his efforts to change the situation, Burgos said he no longer wants to discuss the matter.

“The only thing I want to stop is hatred and what I want is to reassure the children. What people want is to hate and say ugly things. I already give up, I’ll stay quiet now“Ended.

Karla Luna’s suffering

In an interview years ago, remembered on the program’s Twitter Gossip No Like, A moved Karla Luna could be seen remembering the betrayal of her friend and her ex-partner.

Karla Luna in the interview where she spoke about Panini's betrayal

Karla Luna in the interview where she spoke about Panini’s betrayal

“It is a very strong thing, it is a very strong betrayal, I do not know if I can overcome this and not because I still loved him because our relationship a year ago was spoken and ended but the betrayal of friendship hurts me more ”, he confessed before remembering the moment when Panini confessed the deception to him.

“In June she spoke to me crying and said ‘I want to speak to you.’ She started crying as a girl and she said ‘I have to confess something to you, I came to imagine that if you weren’t here alive I could stay with him and that if your daughter Victoria was not born I could stay with him. ’”


“I already give up”: Óscar Burgos, Karla Panini’s ex, spoke again amid the “Las Lavanderas” scandal

This is how Karla Panini confessed her betrayal to Karla Luna: “I came to imagine that if you were not alive I could stay with him”

“I have been the victim of slander and lies”: Karla Panini defended herself and showed that she could take legal action


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