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Users are looking for devices that suit their entertainment needs inside or outside the home, making this TV the ideal companion.

Today’s users are looking for devices that offer the best entertainment no matter where they are. For this reason, Samsung Electronics day by day develops products that are not limited by space.

Jungrae Kim of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics explains how the company designed its home appliances and portable displays to accommodate users’ changing lifestyles.

The Freestyle: Designing a Display That Isn’t Limited by Space

▲ Jungrae Kim of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics shows off The Freestyle, a new portable display unveiled at CES.

Q: Could you explain to us how your team came up with The Freestyle?

Since the pandemic changed our lives, our personal spaces have become increasingly important. This is particularly true in relaxing spaces like the bedroom, where we see more people using products for entertainment purposes. We are also seeing that more people use cozy and quiet spaces in their homes, as well as a greater interest in spending time outdoors; for example, going camping. We wanted to reflect these trends in our products and allow users to use them as they wish, anytime, anywhere, regardless of space limitations. This is how we came up with The Freestyle personal and portable smart display.

Q: What are the unique points of Freestyle?

The Freestyle was designed to offer users new levels of functionality. It’s easy to see what sets this product apart just by looking at it. To allow users to carry it with them every day, we designed The Freestyle lightweight with a weight of just 830 grams. The fact that you can comfortably carry it wherever you go is its biggest advantage.

Freestyle also features a very simple installation process. What users need to do is place The Freestyle where they want and then turn it on, that’s it. The Freestyle comes with fully automatic keystone correction and automatic leveling functions, enabled by industry leading technology. The functions allow the device to automatically adjust its screen to any surface at any angle for a perfectly proportional image every time.

Users can enjoy a seamless and seamless viewing experience by accessing their user accounts and settings for major OTT services. In addition, we incorporate the industry’s first far-field voice control technology. So when the screen is on, users can search for content using just their voice. When the screen is off, they can use the device to listen to music or inquire about the weather of the day just as they would with a smart speaker.

The Freestyle’s picture and sound quality, the most basic and important features of any display, also deserve a detailed mention. We include the image quality engine of Samsung televisions and the white balance is automatically adjusted according to the color and tone of the wall on which the screen is projected. We also apply dual passive radiators to produce deep, high-quality bass. This enables users to enjoy a cinema-quality sound experience no matter where they are.

Q: In line with Samsung’s “Displays Everywhere” vision, the Freestyle can be used in various ways for maximum comfort, what are some specific use cases for The Freestyle?

The Freestyle can be comfortably installed in the user’s room. While in bed, before falling asleep, they can use the device’s built-in stand to move the screen from the wall to the ceiling and continue to watch a movie more comfortably. The Freestyle can also be placed on the dining table, transforming it into a new space for entertaining.

To enjoy these spaces, our developers came up with a new installation solution that we applied to the product. Thanks to those efforts, users can also use the device on a table or on the floor by connecting it to a standard E26 light socket. No separate power supply or cable connection is required, so it can be used out of the box.

To power it up, The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries that support USB-PD and 50W / 20V or higher output, so users can take it anywhere, whether on the road or camping. When not used as a projector to stream content, it provides an ambient lighting effect thanks to its ambient mode and translucent lens cap.

Through a cooperation with Samsung’s MX (Mobile eXperience) Business, we have equipped The Freestyle with a button that syncs it with Galaxy devices. With a simple push of the button, users can use their Galaxy device as a remote control. They can also use mobile hotspots when Wi-Fi networks are not available. We developed this product paying close attention to the smallest details, all to make the device as comfortable and easy to use outdoors as it is at home.

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