This Friday, July 31 at 20 Cesis St. A choral music concert will take place in St. John’s Church under the direction of Sigvards Kļava Songs of Paradise. Bruckner and Latvians. The program, composed by the Latvian Radio Choir, organist Kristīne Adamaite and harpist Jekaterina Suvorova, combines spiritual music of various eras – from the sacred works of the outstanding 19th century classic Anton Brukner to Vienna for choir and organ to the tops of Latvian music – Maija Einfelde, Santas If Bruckner searched for his spiritual ideals in the Latin texts of Scripture, then Santa Ratniece turned to Paradises chants in Dantes Divine comedies in Italian. The concert will prove that we are so different, but these sonic prayers can unite us.

This Saturday, August 1, at 20 The film program of the festival will start at Cēsis Contemporary Art Center The sound we see. The space we hear curated by the philosopher Uldis Tīrons.

“A short film by Arvīds Krievs will be shown The culprit (1979), which has remained in the memory as an unusual example of sound and image interplay in Latvian cinema. Although Russian is better known as a movie Raspberry wine, Photography with a woman and a wild boar and several other director, this short film (33 ‘) of the Supreme Directors’ Course in Moscow is undeservedly forgotten. Movie The culprit (1979) is based on the story of Rūdolfs Blaumanis Murderers motifs and was admitted to the Riga Film Studio. Its operator is Dāvis Sīmanis, and the author of the music is Mārtiņš Brauns. A brilliant ensemble of actors – Rūdolfs Plēpis, Romualds Ancāns and Alvis Birkovs – have been able to conjure up a mystical thriller rather than simply a screen adaptation of a literary work. The strong work of the cameraman, together with his youthful directing, has managed to create a brilliant cinematic pearl that has stood the test of years and whose time it is to return to the gold fund of Latvian cinema. It should be added that this is the 70th anniversary year of Rūdolfs Plēpis and Alvis Birkovs, “says Uldis Tīrons.

The opening night of the film program will be complemented by another short film – Pierre Paolo Pazolin What are clouds? (Kas tas ir – mākoņi?, 1968). The short film is a great Italian director ‘s version of the relationship between art and life: playing Othello with the help of puppet-actors, Pazolini has created a touching and fun story with a sad ending.

In the films of both directors – Arvīds Krieva and Pierre Paolo Pazolīni – the soundtrack not only subordinates to the actors and the situation, but also plays the role of an independent narrator.

Until August 28, an exhibition of visual arts will be on display at the Cēsis Contemporary Art Center as part of the festival The sound we see. The space we hear with the participation of artists Kaspars Groševs, Pēteris Līdaka, Artūrs Punte & Jēkabs Voļtovskis, Krišs Salmanis, Kristaps Ģelzis & Ģirts Bišs (curators: Daiga Rudzāte, Žanete Skarule), while concert halls Cesis An exhibition of the finalist works of the SEB Scholarship in Painting competition can be seen at the Art Gallery Daily plan. The four finalists are young painters: Madara Kvēpa, Laura Veļa, Ingrīda Ivane and Jānis Šneiders (curator Inese Rozentāla).

Tickets are available at Biļešu Paradīze sales points throughout Latvia and on the Internet, as well as at event venues.

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