Česká pošta raises prices again: What will we pay extra for?

The closure of branches is apparently not enough for Czech Post to return to profit, so it is raising prices again from July 1. This is the fourth time in a row since last November. This time, the price increase will mainly concern letter shipments. The state-owned company justifies the decision by saying that interest in this service has been declining for a long time, while costs are still rising.

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What will Česká pošta increase in price from July?

Ordinary writing standard (up to a weight of 50 grams) will increase in price on July 1 from 23 to 27 crowns. That’s an increase of almost 18 percent, more than current inflation. However, the original rate has only been in effect since February of this year.

The price jump will be even more significant featured and valuable writing. In the first case, it will be from 62 to 72 crowns and in the second from 67 to 77 crowns.

You traditionally save money with a loyalty card. It is only in units of crowns, but the advantage is that you don’t have to spend time filling out application forms. “It continues to apply that holders of Czech Post customer cards will have a more favorable price. For ordinary writing, the price will be one crown lower, for recommended and valuable writing, then by two crowns.” stated Czech Post spokesman Matyáš Vitík.

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What other cost-saving measures is the post office implementing?

The loss of the Czech Post last year amounted to 1.75 billion crownswhich is more than double from 2021. And this year’s estimates are around four billion, which would mean the threat of insolvency. So the management started austerity measureswhich do not consist only in the increase in the price of services.

In March, the state-owned enterprise also announced plan to reduce the number of branches from the current 3,200 to 2,900 a the elimination of approximately 1,500 jobs. This will also go to 500 delivery people, so customers have to put up with a longer delivery time for some shipments. For now, this applies to economic shipments that arrive at the addressee within three days instead of the original two.

You do not have to pay extra for paper

How does Česká pošta perform compared to the competition?

In letter shipments state-owned enterprise yet it has no competition. But you can send packages cheaper with some delivery companies.

Package price is for logged in users within Balíkovna 65 crownswhile in the Post Office you will pay 79 crowns. However, if you submit the goods to the depot and do not pay VAT, the rate will be reduced to 54 crowns. DPD and PPL companies have a higher base rate, but offer relatively significant discounts for registered and business customers who use their services regularly. So companies are increasingly turning to competitors.

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