CGTP considers the situation of workers at Hospital de Braga to be “scandalous”

Workers in the general careers of Hospital de Braga are today on strike for the application of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which should have been in force “for almost a year”, a situation that the CGTP secretary general considered “scandalous”.

In Braga, on the sidelines of yet another demonstration by workers in the general careers of that hospital, which in total number more than 800 and today are on a strike day with an adhesion of around 90%, according to union data, the leader of CGTP, Isabel Camarinha, stated that it is “unacceptable” that almost a year after the management of Hospital de Braga has passed to Public Business Entity (EPE) there will continue to be “discrimination”.

In addition to today’s strike, a new stoppage day is scheduled for Wednesday.

Until August 31, 2019 the Braga Hospital functioned as a Public Private Partnership between the State and the Mello Saúde Group, having passed to public management on September 1 of last year, after the private and State had not reached an agreement on the extension of the partnership.

“In fact, it is a bit scandalous and unacceptable that the Ministry of Health and the hospital administration are prolonging so long to overcome a situation of stark discrimination”, said Isabel Camarinha.

Braga Hospital workers strike on July 20 and 22

According to the union leader, these workers “are workers like others from other EPE in the country and only the Collective Labor Agreement is not applicable to them. This is in a context in which health workers have been asked for a greater effort, who are being asked for a lot of work and dedication, and are given applause, but do not receive what is their right, equal pay, equal hours, professional careers and appreciation of your work ”.

À Lusa, the leader of the Union in Northern Public and Social Functions [STFPSN]Orlando Gonçalves explained that there are about 800 workers in general careers at work at Hospital de Braga and that there are “wage, time and rights discrimination” among them.

“We met with the administration and the Ministry of Health, we were promised that as soon as they would apply the Collective Labor Agreement in force in all EPE, it was the only correct thing that could be done, but until today only promises that want to apply , either from the administration or from the Ministry of Health ”, he explained.

The union leader explained that “they were given to understand that it would be at the beginning of the year 2020 [que se começaria a aplicar o ACT], but in February it was said that the issue was with the Ministry of Finance ”.

“Be it Finance, Health, administration, the truth is that nobody responds to us at all and they do not tell us why the situation dragged on,” he said.

Orlando Gonçalves explained that “there are workers doing the same, but some work 35 hours, others 40 and still earn less, and there are still workers who are now entering and earning more than others who have worked in this hospital for over 10 years” .

“It is surreal”, he considered.

These workers have already completed several days of struggle, namely a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Health and guarantee “do not stop here”.

“If the situation continues, we will have to organize ourselves and take new actions to challenge it,” he guaranteed.

Hospital reiterates commitment “to resolve the process”

In a statement sent to O MINHO, Hospital de Braga reiterates that “it remains strongly committed to resolving the process of adhering to the Collective Labor Agreements (ACT) of its workers, ensuring a permanent dialogue, both with the Guardianship and with the Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT) for the reconciliation of positions between all parties that results in a consensus for the conclusion of these Agreements ”.

The administration guarantees that “all the processes of adhesion to the ACT of the different professional groups are being treated in an equitable and impartial way, with the constant concern for their resolution”.

“For the sake of equality”, adds the hospital “,” all the Agreements to be established with the different Union Structures must comply with the greatest possible uniformity for the application and entry into force of the referred collective regulation instruments “.

“Harmonizing the working conditions of workers, namely in the salary updates and standardization of the weekly workload, is a matter of indisputable relevance for this Board of Directors that will keep its attention and focus for the resolution of these processes”, underlines the hospital

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