Ch.Kramer knocked down the Malaga club with a virtuoso throw

In the unspeakable Spanish championship match, Las Palmo’s Gran Canaria won (2/1).

Canary team on the move 80:79 (20:15, 18:19, 19:28, 23:17) broke Malaga’s Unicaja (1/2).

Gran Canaria entrusted the last attack to the former Vilnius Morning Legionnaire Chris Kramer. This ended the break with an accurate “floater”, bringing victory to his team.

These were the only American points in the match. He finished in 13 minutes with 3 assists, 3 offenses and no points.

Until the last attack in the fight, the guests were retained by AJSlaughter, who scored 16 points, 14 by Miquel Salvo, 11 by Khalifa Diop, 10 by Artyom Pustovius and John Shurna.

Jaime Fernandez (18th ed.), 16 – Axel Bouteille, 14 – Norris Cole (5th ed.), 11 – Timas Abromaitis (5th ed.), 10 – Michael Eric.

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