Chaco Hoy – INSSSEP added to its nomenclator the benefits of assisted fertilization practices

The benefit for affiliates of the organization, between the ages of 18 and 45, recognizes 70 percent of the coverage and the other 30 percent is financed. Low and high complexity practices are considered, as well as psychological support.

The manager of the INSSSEP Welfare Projects Carlos Ceballos announced, this Friday, the approval of benefits to the nomenclator of assisted fertilization practices, for the affiliates of the organization, between 18 and 45 years old. The benefit recognizes 70 percent of the coverage, and the other 30 percent is financed. “The achievement was to recognize a need of the affiliates and generate from the INSSSEP, a program established for this purpose,” he remarked.

The benefit includes low and high complexity practices, as well as psychological support for the affiliate who decides this type of practice. “This resolution is an achievement of the current management of the organization, it favors the affiliate, who previously had to be referred to Buenos Aires and now can access this type of practice in the province,” he said.

The Province adhered to the National Law of 2013 in 2015, the provision had been made through referral to Buenos Aires. “The INSSSEP approved the resolution to do them here in the province, and not have to refer to Buenos Aires, with a budget included as was done until last year,” Ceballos explained.


1. Members of legal age may have access to medically assisted reproduction techniques, with prior informed consent, which may be revocable even before the implantation of the embryo in the woman.

2. Volunteer affiliates to access this benefit must have been a member of the INSSSEP for at least two years.

3. The coverage will include diagnostic procedures, interdisciplinary approach, medications and medically assisted reproductive techniques.

4. Only people with manifest infertility, defined as the inability to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months of regular unprotected sex, will be able to access this benefit.

5. The presentation of gametes to affiliates (even those under 18 years of age) who, due to health problems or medical-surgical treatments, may see their future fertility compromised, will be considered as an exception.

6. Coverage will not be provided to women over 45 years of age, or in the case of serious illnesses in which pregnancy puts maternal health at risk; nor in the case of active vertically transmitted disease in any of the members of the couple.

7. The coverage will be exclusive for the affiliate of the Obra Social in cases in which this benefit corresponds to a single member of the couple.

8. Gamete cryopreservation coverage will not be provided in the absence of sterility for the sole purpose of postponing maternity or paternity.

9. The cryopreservation of non-implanted embryos obtained by IVF or ICSI methods will be authorized for a maximum of one year.

10. The benefit will be provided exclusively with prior authorization from the Obra Social, with accredited providers, in establishments authorized by the health authority and within the regulatory framework established by this Resolution, not recognizing or granting reimbursements for services provided outside of this context.

11. Up to four Low Complexity Assisted Fertilization procedures per year and up to three High Complexity procedures will be recognized in their entirety, with intervals of 90 (ninety) days between each one, with coverage attributed to the Social Work Fund (FOS), CON 30010 for Coinsurance. In the event that both members of the couple are affiliated with INSSSEP, the Coinsurance will be charged to the account of the beneficiary with the highest income. The specific medication will be provided by the Social Pharmacy with the same modality and load of the SOPA; in concept of Coinsurance, the INSSSEP being able to finance subsequent procedures by charging 100W of its cost to the member’s account.

12. Any unsuccessful procedure of low complexity, except for a duly documented medical condition that requires the direct use of highly complex techniques.

13. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis may be authorized exclusively for the purpose of preventing transmission of genetic or hereditary diseases, as well as predisposition syndromes to cancer. This procedure will not be covered for the purpose of obtaining a genetically compatible embryo for therapeutic purposes for third parties.

14. The benefit will be charged FOS with 30V: as Coinsurance that will be charged, in the event that both members of the couple are INSSSEP affiliates, in the account of the beneficiary with the highest income.

15. Treatments carried out outside establishments accredited by provincial and national entities will not be authorized.

16. The affiliate will be asked for a written Psychological report based on infertility treatments and their relationship with Assisted Human Reproduction Techniques and continuous emotional support.



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