Chaika’s failure. PiS has launched an online wastewater meter. Rafał Trzaskowski replies

I will not enter into a political struggle at the level of sewage, I will not give the rulers this satisfaction – wrote the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski on Sunday in social media. “They dream about bringing me down to this level and finishing me off with experience,” he added. In this way, he responded to the counter launched by PiS for sewage directed to the Vistula River.

On Saturday, Law and Justice politicians announced the launch of a website with a meter indicating the amount of sewage flowing into the Vistula due to the failure of the Czajka sewage treatment plant. Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration Błażej Poboży said at a press conference that the only movement of the President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, was the movement of sewage to the Vistula. In this way, he referred to the planned inauguration of the Trzaskowski civic movement on September 5. The inauguration did not take place due to a failure of the transmission system discharging sewage to the Czajka sewage treatment plant.

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“I will not enter a political fight at the level of sewage”

On Sunday evening, the president of Warsaw wrote in social media that when PiS launched a website with a sewage meter, he got a thousand ideas on how to respond to it.

“The most powerful of them assumed the launch of a page where we would show the counter with the sewage that poured into the Vistula during the term of Lech Kaczyński. I even calculated how many liters of sewage flowed into the Vistula at that time” – wrote Rafał Trzaskowski on Facebook.

“But I will not give the rulers this satisfaction. I will not enter into a political fight at the level of sewage” – he added. “They dream about bringing me down to this level and finishing me off with experience, but I know that it is not worth arguing with a fool, because after some time someone who is watching this, i.e. our voter, will cease to notice the differences between us” – we read in the entry of the president of the capital.

Trzaskowski also emphasized that if the opposition wants to win against Law and Justice, it must not allow itself to impose the field and rules of the game.

“It is not PiS that should be in the center of our interest, but the vast majority of Polish women and Poles who do not vote for the ruling party. And they do not expect us to throw political mud more accurately and harder, but to redefine the vision of Poland, how to implement this vision in the form of a new program (…). They want to hear a new story and a new, fresh language, “wrote Trzaskowski.

As he emphasized, this is, among other things, the task of the New Solidarity Movement. “We have three years for it and I know that it is not a lot of time” – he noted.

“We are not going to get into a drive-in struggle with PiS”

Trzaskowski stated that the new movement has not yet taken off, and politicians from various sides of the scene are afraid of it and are trying to depreciate it. “I would like to reassure them. We will not participate in the current politics. We want to change it, and not – by participating in it – legitimize its current rules of operation. We will also not enter into troublemakers with PiS. We are perfectly aware that such aggressive skirmishes have us. distract from organic work, and this is what PiS is afraid of the most “- we read in the entry of the president of the capital and former candidate for president of Poland.

“We do not want to take part in the political war on sewage,” he noted. “Our goal is rather to prepare a process that can be compared to the ozonation process. We want to show that we are not doomed to war in the style that PiS has recently presented (and has been presenting for a long time)” – he added.

“Polish politics may be different. If I did not believe it, I would just announce the start of the Lech Kaczyński sewage meter website, not the start of a new movement” – concluded Trzaskowski.

On Saturday, there was a failure of the transmission pipe to the “Czajka” sewage treatment plantLeszek Szymański, PAP

Another failure of the Czajka sewage treatment plant

Last Saturday, collectors discharging sewage from left-bank Warsaw to the Czajka treatment plant failed. Waste – ozonated and mechanically treated – is discharged into the Vistula. The previous collector failure occurred a year ago, also at the end of August. The temporary pipeline built on the initiative of the government and financed from the state budget, placed on the pontoon bridge, flowed to the sewage treatment plant while MPWiK was repairing the system under the Vistula – until mid-November. On Tuesday, the construction of a pontoon bridge is to start again, on which a temporary emergency transmission will be placed. This time, the capital will bear the costs of building and maintaining the installation. By the decision of the President of the Polish Waters, Przemysław Dacy, the pipes necessary to handle this transmission will be lent to the city free of charge.

Action plan after the failure of the Czajki transmission collectorOffice of the Capital City of Warsaw

Main photo source: Marcin Bruniecki/REPORTER

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