Challenge AirPods Pro! Technics launches 2 high-end noise-canceling headphones

(Image source/Panasonic official website)

Technics, a sub-brand from Japan’s Panasonic (Panasonic) specializing in headphone audio, today (9/29)roll outTwo true wireless Bluetooth headsets, EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40, which focus on high-quality sound, are not only good at music appreciation and Poscast, but also can be used for business applications such as work or conference calls.

As a Panasonic enthusiast series, Technics has introduced a variety of excellent headsets, turntables, audio speakers and other products in the past, and now it is entering the Bluetooth headset market. According to the official website, EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 both have IPX4 waterproof design and noise reduction functions such as wind noise reduction.

EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 are also equipped with Technics’ proprietary JustMyVoice voice monitoring function, combined with software and microphone, allowing users to maintain clear speech quality during calls.

In addition, the two headsets are very suitable for users who wear them for a long time. In listening to music or using mobile phone voice assistants, they have two MEMS microphones, beamforming technology (Beamforming), noise reduction and other functions, which can provide excellent sound quality It also supports Sony’s LDAC near-lossless audio transmission format.

Officials said that EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40 have two sound modes, including natural and attention mode. The former is like the transparent mode of Apple AirPods, allowing users to wear headphones and hear the ambient sound; the latter is noise reduction, which can be Let users hear only the sound frequencies that are “human-hearable”, which is suitable for listening to music and conference calls.

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Finally, EAH-AZ40 will be available in rose gold, silver and black colors, while EAH-AZ60 will be available in silver and black. Both earphones will be launched on Amazon in October this year (2021). The actual price is yet to be announced.

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