Challenge the Grim Reaper game in Shibuya! “New Brave New World” PC version released “NEO: The World Ends with You”

SQUARE ENIX’s action role-playing game “New ‧Brilliant New World(NEO: The World Ends with You) >> PC version, officially available at Epic Games Store Hiradai.

  《New ‧Brilliant New World“Was launched on the Nintendo DS console in 2007”Brave new worldThe sequel to “”, depicts the story of the new protagonist Gentian and his companion challenged to bet on their own life and death “Game of Reaper”, fighting in Shibuya, combined with a novel 3D graphic design.

The game story depicts that the protagonist Gentian and his classmate Fred are involved in a mysterious superpower battle in Shibuya. In this situation where people do not know whether it is a reality or a dream, they are told by a girl who claims to be “Reaper” I have been forced to participate in the “Reaper Game”, so I followed the girl’s guidance as if I was temporarily participating in an event, but later discovered that the situation in Shibuya seemed to be abnormal. Although very confused, I still stood up and challenged “Reaper” in order to escape. game”.

  Nintendo Switch、PS4《New ‧Brilliant New World“Was launched on July 27, and the PC version is now available on the Epic Games Store platform.


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