Chalon-sur-Saône: Castorama employees on strike

Management communicates

The management of Castorama publishes the following press release:

“On Wednesday, we made an unprecedented proposal: a guaranteed incentive amount of 30 million euros for the year 2020, or about a month and a half of salary more. This is the best level of incentive since 2012.

We have made a second commitment: if the results are there in the coming quarters, this envelope could reach 43 million euros, or 2 months’ salary on average for each.

This proposal was very well received by the vast majority of our employees – we can also see a very sharp drop in mobilization and no impact on the operation of the stores.

Our projections to date allow us to say that the incentive that we have proposed is higher than the operating profit of Castorama France this year and therefore we will not make any new proposal. We regret that some representatives continue to call for a strike at the heart of a commercial season whose success is essential to our success. As a reminder, the good results of the second quarter did not make up for the losses linked to the first (-52% of turnover in March, -69% in April in France). In addition, the possible resurgence of the epidemic implies great uncertainty over the coming months.

In a context where the sustainability of the company and a successful resumption of activity must be a priority, we would like to thank our employees once again for their exemplary commitment. “

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