Cham suspends Lehmann after attacking Bellinzona supervisors

Stephan Lehmann was suspended at SC Cham. (Archive)

Image: Keystone

Ex-Nati goalie Stephan Lehmann loses control in the cup game between Cham and Bellinzona (2: 1) and attacks the guests’ equipment manager, who has to be taken to the hospital with injuries to his ear. Cham reacts and suspends the goalie coach.

Lehmann wanted to catch a ball that flew off the field in the direction of the grandstand. The Bellinzona material manager Matteo Ondei apparently bothered him, otherwise the reaction of the former Nati goalkeeper cannot be explained: The 56-year-old pushes the Ticino aside – completely without reason, as video recordings show. Ondei hits his head on a metal strut in the stands and injures his ear, and the wound has to be sewn in the hospital.

The Bellinzona supervisor should now file criminal charges against Lehmann want. And Bellinzona President Paolo Righetti has announced that he will report the incident to the Swiss Football Association. But that’s not all: Lehmann has lost his job at SC Cham, at least temporarily. How the Promotion League Club announces, it has been decided «to suspend Stephan Lehmann from all his duties with immediate effect until further notice. The further procedure will be discussed and decided within the association in the next few days ».

The club wants to state that it does not tolerate or accept such behavior by its employees in any way. «This emotional incident with Stephan Lehmann cannot be excused and does not correspond to the basic values ​​of SC Cham. The respect and decency towards players, coaches and fans is the highest good and must not be trampled on. “

Lehmann himself had himself in the day after the savage attack «Look» excuses: «I am immensely ashamed! I have no idea what got into me. I can absolutely not explain what the devil rode me there », said the ex-Nati goalie. «I didn’t close my eyes all night because I was looking for an explanation for this short-circuit act. I didn’t find it. “

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