Chance The rapper's tweets about how he met his girlfriend will melt your heart


It's time to grab the fabrics because Chance the Rapper has just shared how he met his girlfriend, Kirsten Corley, in a very sweet story on her Twitter account. And once read, it is likely that you will not be able to hold back the tears. The Chicago-born rapper arrived on Twitter on Wednesday, March 6, to share the nostalgic timeline of meeting his future wife in a business event for his mother's real estate company when he was only nine years old. The whole story is too cute for words, like the 25-year-old chronicles the first time he laid eyes on a young Corley.

The case started from sharing an adorable photo of his future wife, which reveals was taken that night, showing off her dimples and curly braids. He explained in a tweet: "So this picture was taken the day I met my wife for the first time!" and he shared that his mother had taken him, his brother and his father for the event in which they had been treated to performance of three young girls. The entertainer, who was born Chancelor Bennett, says that the year was 2003 and the trio was preparing to sing the success of Destiny & # 39; s Child "Independent Women Pt. 1". Reliving the moment, which he says he can remember in a "photographic way", Chance said he realized that the singers are a little older than him, but he was comforted by the fact that there are other children at the party. Explain that "they looked like angels," Charlie's Angels to be precise, and begins to tell how the rhythm led to the initial high school of the song and made his head fall for his future wife.

"QUESTION, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ME", wrote in the tweet, retracting the way the song started to play and then he shares: "Now I'm staring at the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my almost decade on life on earth".

Chance wrote that while the band performed flawlessly, it could not stop staring at it. But it seems that his father had other ideas, urging the son who had won two talent shows at school to dance and participate in the routine. However, that night was not in the cards because The case had something much more important in mind of any dance routine.


Sharing a note on his Twitter account, he went on to explain:

"This was not the time or the place, not just because it would not be my party, not because it was their time to dance, not even because I was nervous to dance in front of people, because I knew I would marry that girl and I do not want blow the gun. "

After sharing his story, Chance reveals that the moment, more than a decade and a half ago, has led him to this weekend when he is destined to marry and dance with that girl who stole his heart a long time ago: Kirsten Corley.

The case is concluded,

"So I shook my head anxiously, I moved to the bottom of the crowd and I never showed up, 16 years later it happened This weekend is the moment, and my place is my marriage, I go dancing with my wife because this is my destiny. "

Long-standing loves, who got engaged last July, share a daughter named Kensli and have not disclosed the details of their marriage to the public. However, you can almost be sure there will be some Destiny's music played at their front desk.


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