Chancellor Felipe Solá is a fan of a club and made an agreement with the archrival to spread the word about Argentina in the world

Foreign Minister Felipe Solá and Jorge Ameal, the president of Boca, signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop activities that spread the Argentine image abroad. Credit: @CancilleriaARG

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs drew up a cooperation agreement with Boca Juniors to jointly spread the image of the country outside borders. “Boca is Argentina. It is a neighborhood that no tourist stops going to. It’s all accumulated in feelings, mystique and identity for so many years. If I’m in Romania and I see Boca Juniors, I’ll get closer. It is like hearing a tango. Touch the feelings. That is priceless, “said the Chancellor, Felipe Solá. That put a curious note to the agreement: the official is a recognized River Plate supporter.

“This agreement is a very good idea because it allows us to multiply the diffusion and the places where Argentina is shown,” said Solá, who was in communication with the president of Boca, Jorge Ameal, from the Chancery building, in front of the San Martín Palace, in Retiro. The understanding between the ministry and the club consists of developing joint activities that project the country abroad. The objective is that the diplomatic and consular representations of Argentina abroad coordinate activities with the program that the club already develops in other countries

“When one wants to show a country there are two insurmountable vehicles. One is the cinema. The other is sport. And sport with color, with a shirt. Without passion there is no sport, there are no crowds or attractiveness,” Solá pointed out. For his part, Ameal pointed out: “In moments that are not so happy, we can take the country, our feelings and our ideas around the world.”

The Undersecretary of Legal and Institutional Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, María Inés Monzó, and the director of Intermediate Organizations and Public Diplomacy, Conrado Carrasco Quintana, also participated in the signing of the agreement.

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