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Carsten Schmidt, chairman of the board of Sky Deutschland, is only 56 years old and still a veteran of German pay-TV. He worked on "premiere" times of the legendary film rights trader Leo Kirch in leading positions for the company in Unterföhring, which radiates the Bundesliga football for a fee until today. He will be eliminated at the end of this year. His successor will then be Devesh Raj, Sky announced Thursday. The American, like Schmidt, will report to Andrea Zappia, Sky's Italian Continental European chief.

Henning Peitsmeier

At Zappia, the threads are coming together, he is significantly steering the fortunes of Sky Germany. There had already been rumors of a premature farewell to Schmidt in the summer, when three leading Sky managers in Unterföhring went off; all were companions of Schmidt. The German manager could not have liked how the parent company Sky plc in England, which was acquired last year by the American cable operator Comcast, has gained more and more competencies. Since Sky Deutschland was taken off the stock exchange four years ago, it has not been announced how the company is doing. Much more than the approximate number of subscribers (it should be "over five million customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland") is hard to find out.

Schmidt should continue to advise Sky

After all, Schmidt will remain with the company as a senior advisor from next year. His advice will be asked if Sky again applies for the rights of the German Football League (DFL) for the four seasons from 2021/22. In the last auction, thanks to Schmidt's many years of experience in sports, Sky was able to get the most out of live broadcasting rights. The words of his upcoming farewell were correspondingly benevolent: "I would like to personally thank Carsten. His strong leadership and great dedication have made him a significant contributor to Sky's growth and success over the past two decades, "said Zappia.

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