Change of plans in La Moneda: Piñera’s speech this 18-O is discarded for now

Although it was worked during the week, in La Moneda a possible speech by President Sebastián Piñera this Sunday, October 18, was ruled out – for now – on the first anniversary of the beginning of the social outbreak.

Until yesterday, when he was consulted on the matter, everything was standing and even Interior Minister Víctor Pérez pointed out that the President “has not set an exact date” for his intervention.

Palacio’s strategy was not to stay under the commemoration of October 18 and for this reason an intervention by the President was expected. According to the same sources, the focus would be on progress in the social agenda and note that the plebiscite of October 25 was the institutional response to the outbreak guided by La Moneda, one of the ideas-force that the Government has tried to install .

However, the idea of ​​a speech aroused immediate resentments in the opposition, to the point that yesterday from this sector they recommended to the President “to remain silent” and to “avoid unnecessary provocations.”

This was stated by the president of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, who pointed out that “I believe that the President of the Republic should not give a speech (…) and if he does, he must be prudent and that his words are not provocative because he has been part the problem and these are extremely delicate times ”.

In this scenario, there was a change in plans and today Palace sources have indicated that the President has not contemplated attending La Moneda, thus ruling out the possibility of a speech. Although everything depends on how the day unfolds, so a new change in presidential plans is not ruled out.

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