CHANGE WHATSAPP: the new function that all users celebrate

WhatsAppthe instant messaging application of Meta replace reactions and incorporate into this tool a new function to make them easier to use.

La app allow to react to messages through two touches in the chat bubble, without having to click multiple times and go into the message options to do so.

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The site specialized in WhatsApp advances WaBetaInfo, indicated that they discovered this function in development after having updated to iOS version

It is a alternative way of reacting to messages. However, the traditional way may continue to be used.

Now, with the new function, you no longer have to open the contextual menu to be able to react, but you only have to double click in the chat bubble. The determined emoji to react will be the thumbs up.

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Experts say that there is no way to choose a different emoji for now. As they determined, it is an intuitive gesture that allows for quick communication, and gives users the ability to respond quickly with a single reaction.

As indicated from WaBetaInfo, this “alternative way to send reactions definitely helps users save time, making it quicker and more convenient to react to a message.”

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2023-05-18 04:18:45

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