Changes in electricity prices in Lithuania were determined by wind generation in Scandinavia Business

On November 15-22, the average weekly electricity price in Lithuania – 130.5 Eur / MWh – remained similar to the previous week. In Latvia the price reached 123.4 Eur / MWh, while in Estonia the price increased by 20% to 116.6 Eur / MWh.

“At the beginning of last week, daily electricity prices reached about 200 Eur / MWh, and since Wednesday they have fallen twice, to about 100 Eur / MWh. Such price fluctuations were significantly influenced by wind production trends in Zone 4 of Sweden, to which Lithuania is connected by the NordBalt connection. At the beginning of the week, wind generation in Sweden was minimal and prices were high, so Lithuanian exports to Scandinavia grew. At the beginning of the week, the largest generations in Lithuania were thermal power plants, the costs of which increased due to the increase in the price of emission permits by approximately 6 euros per tonne of CO2 last week. However, in the second half of the week, wind generation records were reached in Sweden and we made the most of the NordBalt connection for cheaper electricity imports from Sweden for four days in a row, ”says Liutauras Varanavičius, Director of Litgrid’s Strategy Department.

Electricity consumption in Lithuania increased by 2% last week. and amounted to 253 GWh. Electricity production in Lithuania grew by 15%, and local power plants provided 33%. the country’s electricity consumption. A total of 84 GWh of electricity was produced in Lithuania per week.

Last week, thermal power plants produced a third of the electricity generated in Lithuania. Wind power plants accounted for 33%, hydropower plants for 23% and other power plants for 11%. electricity. Local production grew last week, with heat and other power plants growing the most, with production rates up 81 percent respectively. and 78 percent. Meanwhile, hydropower production fell 22 percent and wind generation remained similar.

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According to the import / export (balance) ratio, 68 percent. our country’s electricity demand was imported. Compared to the previous week, total imports increased by 1% to 253 GWh. Differentiating the country’s imports, 29 percent. electricity entered the country from third countries, 35 percent. – from Scandinavia via NordBalt connection, 36 percent. was imported across the border with Latvia and 1%. from Poland via the LitPol Link connection.

The total electricity flow from Lithuania increased by 9 percent. up to 65 GWh. 84% of LitPol Link went to Poland. Electricity exported by Lithuania, 14 percent. to Scandinavia and the remaining 2%. to Latvia.

For electricity flow, the bandwidth of the LitPol Link connection was used by 68%. In the direction of Poland and 2 percent. In the direction of Lithuania. NordBalt’s capacity utilization was 8%. In the direction of Sweden and 75%. In the direction of Lithuania.

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