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Starting next December 1 there will be a change in the requirement of the vaccination card for face-to-face events and leisure activities.

President Iván Duque announced that from that date this requirement will be expanded from one dose to complete schedules, in order to encourage Colombians to get vaccinated.

Since November 16, the obligation to present the vaccination certificate for those over 18 years of age who want to attend face-to-face events began to govern the country.

The measure contemplates that the document in which the immunization is evidenced must be presented to enter public or private events that involve massive attendance, as well as bars, gastrobars, cinemas, discos, dance venues, concerts, casinos, bingo halls and leisure activities, as well as sports venues, churches, amusement parks and thematic, museums and fairs.

However, in the first part of the measure the complete scheme was not required, one dose was enough, a situation that will change with this new decision.


Faced with President Duque’s announcement, the Minister of Health Fernando Ruiz stated that “As of December 1, the license requirement to enter discos, bars… must be with the complete scheme. This implies, gentlemen, we do not want a Christmas with outbreak problems, we do not want a bitter January ”.

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He also stressed that the country has all the conditions at the national level to accelerate vaccination. “We invite mayors, health secretaries, ESE directors, if they closed vaccination points, to reopen them, to vaccinate the population in the fastest way”, manifested.

In Colombia, with a cut-off of Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 61,209,154 doses have been distributed, of which 52,756,342 have been applied. There are 23,262,045 of complete schemes and 687,034 booster doses have been injected, in addition, private companies have reported the application of 1’362,718 doses.

“We need to increase the rate of application and what the figures of the last weeks show, with more than 300 thousand and 400 thousand, indicate that there is a growth of people who are applying the first dose”The minister detailed, adding that practically one in three people who attend a vaccination point is for a first dose.


He also explained that the booster dose for the population aged 50 years and over should be applied four months after the second dose and that the recommendation is to do it with a heterologous vaccine, that is, different from the vaccine of the first doses, which confers increased protection.

“Vaccination is already authorized for those over 50 years old. What they are looking for is that for the December festivities, the population over 50 years old is adequately protected, with greater security, where intergenerational groups join us”, he claimed.

Regarding the Sputnik vaccine, which has been applied to some citizens seeking their second dose in the country, he pointed out that it is an issue that should be analyzed in the Vaccine Advisory Committee. And he also remembered that “Colombia does not have a set of vaccines different from those that the WHO has endorsed and that has been our conduit for the approval of vaccines and we have maintained that line.”

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Finally, he recalled the invitation to actively search for the nearly 4.2 million Colombians who should already have a second dose and who do not.



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