Changes made by the Flickr service recently will not affect companies and institutions

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Fatima Ait Taleb – Dubai – The Flickr photo storage platform offers users 1 terabyte of free storage space. However, last week changed when the company announced that it would soon complete 1TB of free space and that instead of offering 1TB of free storage space, you can store a maximum of 1000 images per account.

This has led to some questions about which companies and institutions using Flickr can share and store their images, but according to Flickr, these changes will not affect companies and organizations uploading images to Flickr Commons and Creative Commons, which means cancel them assuming that these companies and institutions do not use the paid service plan.

According to Flickr, public images that fall under Flickr Commons are not deleted. Images that are uploaded by companies, organizations, government organizations, etc. From other organisms they will remain safe. We are very proud of these partnerships. These images will not be deleted as a result of any of our published changes. "The only reason for his disappearance is that the organization that removed it has decided to eliminate it."

For nonprofit organizations, Flickr asked these organizations to send an application containing information about their organization and what to do, as they would look at applications that might result in a free Flickr Pro account.


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