Changing the screen of your Galaxy S10 will cost you a fortune: report


It is better not to drop the Galaxy S10 or it will be expensive.

Angela Lang / CNET

Samsung's new high-end mobile family, the Galaxy S10, it takes a little time between us, but we already have clear that besides being quite expensive phones, replacing its components will make a big hole in your pocket.

The site specialized in problems Samsung, Sammobile, has published the official costs to replace the screens of the new Galaxy in China, which gives us an approximate idea of ​​how much it will cost in other territories.

Starting from the screen of the Galaxy S10E, the smallest of the family, the cost to repair your screen is 5,350 yuan, about US $ 800. In the case of the Galaxy S10, the cost of changing the screen rises to 6,450 yuan, about US $ 960 and the highest price is for the Galaxy S10 Plus, whose screen will cost you 7,100 yuan (US $ 1,060).

According to Sammobile, these are the official repair prices applied to the replacement of the screen of those devices that have exceeded the warranty period or in case the panel has been broken by an action not covered by the warranty.

The fact that the screen changes in these phones has such a high price is due to its Infinity-O screen, which also houses an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the screen, something that had already planned the specialized repair portal, iFixit, some weeks ago.

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