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KØKAOS: This is what it looked like outside the popular nightclub Storgata 26 in Oslo on Saturday night.

Crowded streets with partying people and a lot to hang your fingers in for the police around the country is decided after the reopening. Several have been injured during the celebration.


In Trondheim, there was complete chaos in the evening hours on Saturday.

– There are such large crowds out in the center of Trondheim now. Outside the nightclubs, long queues pile up, and people push to get inside. It simply means that people are out of breath, said operations manager in Trøndelag police district, Solfrid Lægdheim, Saturday night.

The police had established cooperation with the health service, which was in place in the city center to take care of people who might need it.

– Those we have out there who have worked out in Trondheim for many, many years, have never seen the like, she says.

SE: Thousands of people gathered in the big cities on Sunday night. In several places, people fainted in line on their way to the nightclubs:

When VG called the police again at 11.30 pm, the operations manager said that the situation had calmed down around the nightclubs.

Seriously injured after violence

Other police districts have also had more to do than usual, and the incidents became more serious as closing time approached:

In Bergen, the police reported a lot of people without serious incidents at 23. After midnight, they reported two ugly incidents of violence. Incidents of violence have also been reported in other districts.

  • A man became hit in the face with a bottle in the center of Bergen and shortly after came the news that a 19-year-old man was beaten and kicked so much that he had to be sent to Haukeland Hospital.
  • The South-East police district had manned both patrols and the operations center, and had several incidents of violence to deal with.
  • The inland police district reported several fights in different parts of the police district. None of them with serious injury.
  • Also in the Troms police district, there have been several reports of disorderly conduct and violence, the police write on Twitter.
  • In Agder, a total of 12 people have been arrested in the wake of riots in the city, the police district writes on Twitter.

Read about several of the night’s events in VG’s news studio.

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LARGE QUANTITIES: The police have established cooperation with the health service in Trondheim city center.

– Afraid of being trampled to death

Earlier in the evening, Sara Emilie Thode was one of the many who stood in the huge crowd in Trondheim, She was out to celebrate the reopening with a friend.

– We were pushed all the way, and in the end we just had to get out of the queue, because I was terrified of being trampled to death, she says.

She says that they stood in the queue from 9 pm, but that after 20 minutes they had to give up because it was so uncomfortable to be pushed around by the crowd. She also says that she saw people who had panic attacks in the crowd, and she can well imagine that people could faint in the queue.

– It was only as far as we managed to get out of the queue, she says.

Fainted in the queues

Photographer Joakim Halvorsen saw ambulance personnel pick up people who had fainted in the queues at the nightclubs in Trondheim.

– Some people have been strewn on the street corners, and there are several who have spit outside here. They have nothing to do in a queue, says Halvorsen.

But overall, the mood is good, he reports.

– It’s such a good mood here. Evenly there is a party and leather vest, as we say here in Trøndelag.

The conclusion in Trøndelag from the operations center on Sunday morning was that 13 people have been taken into custody for disorderly conduct, violence and insulting the police. All conditions have occurred in Trondheim. In addition, 15 reports of disturbance of the night calm have been registered.

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Pushing and fighting in Bergen

In Bergen, operations manager in the West Police District Øyvind Hellesund reported large crowds in the city center before midnight on Saturday.

– There has been some pushing in the queues outside the nightclubs, and one person has been taken to the emergency room after a fight. There was one who made noise in a nightclub, but left the place after he was asked to do so, says Hellesund.

However, the operations manager characterized the situation in general as under control.

– Despite such large crowds, and that it is Saturday, things are going well. Then we get to look overnight, says Hellesund.

SE: The Minister of Culture swung on the dance floor last night:

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