Characteristics of a cough due to Covid-19 and a common cough, recognize the 5 distinguishing symptoms – Currently, coughing has become one of the conditions that is always associated with the symptoms of Covid-19. In order not to be misdiagnosed you need to know the characteristics of cough due to Covid-19 and normal cough.

Especially when you’re in a public space, making people’s attention focus on you who are coughing. However, apparently, there are several symptoms that distinguish coughs due to Covid-19 and common cough. So what are the characteristics of a cough due to Covid-19 and a normal cough?

The following is a full review of the characteristics of a cough due to Covid-19 and a common cough.

Cough Due to Covid-19 or Common Cough?

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The condition of a cough due to being infected with COVID-19 is very similar to a normal cough. So that during a pandemic like this, everyone who is experiencing a cough is strongly recommended to wear a mask to prevent the potential for transmission if they are really positive for Covid-19.

Characteristic dry cough because Covid-19 appeared suddenly and without any clear trigger. For some people, dry cough appears due to daily habits, such as smoking.

Here are some Symptoms that distinguish a Covid-19 cough or not as adapted from Bestlifeonline:

1. Dry Cough aka No Phlegm

Corona cough often described as tuberculosis that generally does not produce sputum. However, covid is not the only cause of tuberculosis.

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Dry cough conditions and shortness of breath that interfere with lung tissue can be caused by allergies and gastroesophageal reflux Invigor Medical.

2. No allergy or itching symptoms appear

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The characteristics of cough due to Covid-19 and cough are usually found in itching. Cough that occurs due to seasonal allergies, can be accompanied by symptoms of itching, watery eyes, and sneezing.

Cough due to allergies tends to itch; and are more likely to respond to allergy medications. Of course these two things don’t happen to Covid cough.

3. Fever and Muscle Aches

What is the difference between cough due to allergies and Covid? Yes, of course fever is a sign of the body’s response to the virus. The flu also tends to come with a fever. While coughs due to allergies usually do not cause flu and fever.

So if your cough is related to fever or muscle aches, contact your health care provider for further Covid-19 testing.

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4. Not Experiencing A lot

Although coughs due to allergies and Covid have a lot in common, there is a key feature that sets them apart: wheezing.

In people with asthma, allergies can cause coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. However, a Covid cough usually doesn’t cause wheezing.

5. Loss of Sense of Smell and Taste

There are many symptoms associated with Covid, some of which do appear to be harmless. However, one of the most obvious symptoms is the loss of the sense of taste and smell. These two things will increase your chances of getting Covid-19.

Those are some of the characteristics of a cough due to Covid-19 and a common cough. Hopefully this information can be used as a consideration to distinguish the type of normal cough and cold Covid-19 cough. To get a proper diagnosis of the cause of cough, immediately test and consult at the nearest hospital.

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