Characteristics of Smart People Have These 9 Things, Check Are You One of them?


Characteristics of intelligent people usually seen from IQ tests and academic scores. The higher the number, the smarter it will be judged.

It is not wrong indeed, but to determine the level of intelligence, it is not always only from looking at the IQ value. There are various factors that can determine whether someone is smart or just average.

As quoted from Health Line, IQ tests are not the only determinant of intelligence, because of the following:

– IQ tests assess specific abilities such as reasoning, memory and problem solving. But can not capture the big picture of one’s capabilities as a whole.

– IQ tests cannot assess other important traits such as creativity and emotional development.

– Many experts believe that one type of test alone cannot clearly describe intelligence. Because there are many types of intelligence that must be considered.

Psychologist and professor Howard Gardner puts it at least nine characteristics of intelligent people:

1. Have Empathy

Empathy is a person’s ability to feel or understand things from another person’s perspective. This ability is key to emotional intelligence, where you can recognize emotions and express them in healthy and productive ways.

People with high levels of emotional intelligence are generally very concerned about what other people think and feel. This means he can know when friends, family or even strangers are in trouble or in trouble.

2. Happy Alone

Intelligent people generally need more time to relax and enjoy ‘me time’. According to a 2016 study conducted by the British Psychological Society, people with high intelligence levels are less satisfied with their lives when they spend more time with many people than alone or with a few individuals.

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The more time you socialize, the less time you have for introspection and doing your favorite things. Therefore the circle of friends of intelligent people is generally small and only contains those who are emotionally attached to them.

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3. Always Want to Find Out

An intelligent person is never satisfied with one or a simple explanation of a thing because he is always thirsty for knowledge. When something piqued his curiosity, he would dig it up from various sources.

Therefore, one of the characteristics of intelligent people is a hobby of reading. He also enjoys art, studying many foreign languages ​​and cultures of different countries.

4. Love Observations and Remember Every Detail

Likes to pay attention to things that are happening or being around is also one of the characteristics of intelligent people. Even for the smallest details.

Intelligence can also be seen from a person’s ability to remember something he has heard or read. Psychology calls it verbal-linguistic intelligence.

5. Have a Good Body Memory

Intelligence can be seen physically. For example, a person can immediately remember the way to a restaurant or shop with just one visit. Even after several years, he still remembered the direction of the road leading there.

It can also be demonstrated by the ability to memorize dance movements once they are demonstrated by the instructor. Psychologists call it body-kinesthetic intelligence. This means that the person has good coordination and dexterity. Usually these people are good at sports and other physical activities.

6. Can Adapt in All Situations

Adaptability is an important component of intelligence. This ability allows a person to adapt to new situations or changes.

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Intelligent people tend to be resilient, easy to get back up and run life after going through problems or facing challenges. Usually he would be the stronger person.

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7. Can Be Intermediary

Being able to resolve conflicts without involving violence also indicates intelligence. Someone who has interpersonal skills can find a resolution to an argument or argument.

He is able to read body language between two conflicting parties. Then use those signals to question and listen carefully to the stories from both sides.

Furthermore, it can provide another perspective of the problem that causes conflict. To then find a solution to solve the problem.

8. Worrying about a lot of things

Research from the Department of Psychology at Lakehead University, Canada, shows a link between verbal intelligence and a tendency to always worry and reflect. This indicates that a person has unconsciously prepared himself to face various possibilities, including the unpleasant ones.

9. Good at Managing Emotions

Everyone has experienced pain, anger, irritation or annoyance. The difference is how he handles those emotions, in a destructive and explosive way or calmly.

The way people express their emotions can also determine the level of intelligence. Those who are able to regulate emotions can be said to be intelligent.

When something hurts or makes him angry, he doesn’t immediately spill his expression out. But prefer to digest it first, understand whether it influences decisions and attitudes, and finally be able to express his feelings in a safe and healthy way.

That is it characteristics of intelligent people need to know. It’s important to remember that intelligence includes a broader range of factors and not just the low-high scores on a person’s IQ test.

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