Charity boss criticizes "Obsessive Cat Disorder" coasters sold at Intu – Derbyshire Live booth


The head of an OCD charity has complained about what he says is a "damaging message" behind the coasters for sale in central Derby.

The Coastal Touch of Glass coasters of Intu Derby present the words "Obsessive Cat's Disorder".

Ashley Fulwood, managing director of the charity OCD UK – which challenges the misuse of the term OCD – complained to the company itself and to Intu Derby.

Mr. Fulwood said, "To be honest, Intu Derby is investigating, and I do not blame them at all, I hope Intu has the power to ask them to remove the glass coasters.

"The products themselves are harmless, but it is the message that represents the problem: they are harmless products, but it is a harmful message that trivializes the OCD".

The OCD UK website states that the misuse of the term DOC is "inappropriate and causes significant damage".

He adds: "The objection to something inappropriate does not make us snowflakes or politically correct, simply opposes something that is inappropriate and causes significant damage.

Intu Derby
Intu Derby

"Doing and saying nothing would be inappropriate because it allows wrong ideas to exist and grow".

Derbyshire Live has tried to contact Touch of Glass via e-mail and social media as it does not list a phone number on its website.

We also talked to a stand staff member, in person, who provided two different phone numbers for headquarters.

When we called those numbers, the glass companies that responded claimed they had no connection with Touch of Glass.

A spokeswoman for Intu Derby said the bosses had talked to the desk.

He said: "We always appreciate customers who have the time to get in touch with us to tell us about their experience at the center, in this situation, ultimately, it is up to the individual retailer to decide what to sell in their store.

"We can not comment on behalf of Touch of Glass, but we talked to them and we conveyed customer concerns."

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