Charlene of Monaco worries the Canvas about her new shot with Albert II

People and royalty

The Princess has reunited with her husband and children in South Africa.

They will have silenced the rumors of divorce. Charlene and Albert of Monaco, who had not seen each other since June, shared their happiness on social networks. After posting a photo with her twins Jacques and Gabriella, the 43-year-old former swimmer put her couple in the spotlight on Instagram.

“Sad princess”

In a new cliché devoid of legend, the prince and princess of Monaco, 10 years of marriage on the clock since July 1, embrace tenderly on the terrace of a lodge. But despite this tender reunion, a detail has challenged Internet users.

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“She looks small, the poor one”, “The sad princess”, “She looks exhausted”, can we read in the comments section. If some believe that all this staging seems “Forced”, it seems good to remember that Charlene of Monaco underwent general anesthesia in the hospital in mid-August. The goal ? Completely get rid of his long infection in the ENT sphere. The start of the South African summer should soon do him a lot of good.

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