Charleroi: on the banks of the Sambre, non-assistance to a fisherman in danger

Saturday, at the end of the day, two teenagers aged 13 and 14 take advantage of the opening of fishing along the towpath, near rue de la Victoire, in Roux. They have cast their line and are waiting when, suddenly, the youngest tries to retrieve a small object that has slipped from his hands. But the movement makes it slide without however making it fall into the channeled Sambre. His sidekick immediately comes to his friend’s aid. He pulls it but slips in turn and falls into the water. However, he manages to cling to the stones of the towpath. Now it’s time to call for help. “Help me help me,” shouts the teenager in the direction of several adults walking on the towpath. Against all expectations, the latter are totally uninterested in the fate of the unfortunate fisherman. Do they even realize that they could be prosecuted for failing to assist a person in danger. They don’t have time, they say, and continue on their way as if nothing had happened, in the face of the victims dumbfounded by this abandonment while danger awaits them.

Finally, a third young man came running and managed to extricate the victim with a stick.

Alerted, his parents then land on the spot, as well as an ambulance. Suffering from hypothermia, the teenager is taken care of inside the ambulance, the time to be warmed up. He was not hospitalized.

At this time, selfish adult walkers are already far away. They will not be found.

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