Charles III assures that France and the United Kingdom will remain "unwavering" next to Ukraine

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On his second day of visit to France, the British King, Charles III, gave a speech in the Senate in which he said that France and the United Kingdom will continue to stand by the Ukrainian people in an “unwavering” manner. “Our alliance is more important than ever. Together we will stand by the Ukrainian people with resolute solidarity. Together we are unwavering in our determination that Ukraine will triumph and our cherished freedoms will prevail,” said the monarch, in a speech half in English and half in French.

His words in the Senate, before some 300 parliamentarians from both assemblies, were the only ones during his three-day visit to the country. It is also the first time that a monarch speaks in the Chamber of one of the two French chambers. 19 years ago it was her mother, Queen Isabell II, accompanied by Prince Philip, who spoke before the senators, but she did so in the conference room.

It was precisely in 2004, when the anniversary of the entente cordiale was celebrated, the alliance that put an end to Franco-British hostilities and opened a new peaceful and friendly stage, which continues today and which will be commemorated again in 2024. In his speech, Charles III highlighted the need to continue nurturing this historic alliance.

“During my time as King, I commit to doing everything in my power to strengthen the indispensable relationship between the United Kingdom and France, and today, I invite you to join me in this effort. Together, our potential is unlimited. That is why we must appreciate and maintain our entente cordiale,” said the monarch, who was applauded both upon his arrival and at the end of his speech.

This has been preceded by those of the two presidents of the chambers, who have highlighted the legacy of the United Kingdom in the construction of democracy and the creation of Parliament. The monarch, in addition to insisting on the shared history between both countries, has urged the creation of a new entente cordiale for “sustainability, to respond more effectively to the global climate emergency.”

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