Charles Michel travels to kyiv to meet Volodimir Zelensky and celebrate 10 years of the Maidan

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The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, traveled secretly this Tuesday to Ukraine, his fifth trip since the start of the Russian invasion, to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky and participate in the events marking the tenth anniversary of the Euromaidan.

“There are two main reasons for this trip. The first, as always, to express full support on behalf of the EU for Ukraine and to give our support in these unprecedented and very difficult geopolitical circumstances. And, secondly, in preparation for the Council European Commission which will take place in December and in which there will be a very important discussion on the enlargement process, after the recent evaluation report of the European Commission clarified the next steps,” Michel explained to a group of European journalists upon his arrival. to Kiev.

On November 21, 2013, the Government of Viktor Yanukovych decided to definitively suppress preparations for the signing of an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, a process that had started in 2008 to the displeasure of Moscow. The spontaneous protests of thousands of Ukrainians, who aspired then as they do now, to strengthen ties with the EU and distance themselves from Russia, became a movement that camped in the Plaza de la Independencia of the city holding out throughout the winter, which resisted provocations, attacks, charges, shooting and murders by snipers.

Yanukovych tried to play both sides, then three, changed his mind half a dozen times, received pressure from Vladimir Putin. And little by little he was losing control of the situation. The protesters tore down Soviet statues, wrapped themselves in the blue flag with yellow stars, and received the support and visits of international leaders, such as the then senator and future presidential candidate John McCain. And they managed, at the beginning of the following year, the fall of the regime and the flight of the pro-Russian president.

“The Maidan uprising marked our common history. Ukrainians defended their European option then, as they do now. For freedom, independence and democracy. Europe supports Ukraine. So, now and in the future. Ukraine belongs to our European family”, he wrote in his account Xbefore Twitter, the high representative Josep Borrell.

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