Since living in the United States, Charlotte Gainsbourg has started speaking English to her children: Ben (1997), Alice (2002) and Joe (2011). “I’ve always found French people who force themselves to speak English to be ridiculous … Well, I got started! And the children are delighted.

Alice and Joe are the heroines of the fantasy video Deadly valentine, one of the first two extracts from the album Rest, expected on November 17. The other song, produced and co-written by Guy-Man of Daft Punk, is the one that gives its title to the album, it is sung partly in French. A great novelty for Charlotte who did not dare to risk comparison with her father’s work. This ability to write and sing such direct texts in French came after Kate’s death: “I had already written part of the texts, but after his death, I was no longer able to write on anything else. I became very obsessive and went to New York. Suddenly I didn’t care if it was good or bad. French no longer scared me, it even became obvious for certain songs.“For Sebastian, producer of the album, Restspeak out loud to the beings she lost“. Her sister like her father.

The other main theme of the record is age. The one we loved from childhood is therefore 46 years old. Over time, she offers this rather brilliant response to GĂ©raldine Sarratia who interviews her in The Inrocks : “I am not obsessed with that, but I find that aging does not go with music or cinema. There is a breath in these arts that goes hand in hand with youth. I do it anyway, I don’t care.

The Inrockuptibles and DiX Express, in newsstands on September 27, 2017.
Rest, expected on November 27, 2017.

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