News Charlotte Gainsbourg reveals a rare photo of her daughter...

Charlotte Gainsbourg reveals a rare photo of her daughter Joe, her little double

“Incredible, I thought for a moment that it was a photo from the film” L’Effrontée “!! It’s a tender moment between a mother and daughter that Charlotte Gainsbourg posted on her Instagram account. The actress unveiled a “beach getaway”, an outing to the beach with the youngest of her children, Joe, 8 years old. The little girl is lying in the sand, free, and above her, her mother, bent over, takes a picture of her. Two pictures that did not fail to appeal to the followers of Charlotte Gainsbourg, who noted the resemblance between the mother and the daughter, all evoking a parallel with the film “The Effrontée”, released in 1985, in which the public discovered the young teenage Charlotte Gainsbourg. According to the last photos published on her Instagram account, it would seem that the family was confined to New York, since Charlotte Gainsbourg published, a few days ago, a series of photos taken from her window.

While Joe Attal is rarely seen in photos, however, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal’s son is showing up more and more in public. In 2017, he accompanied his mother to the front row of the Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris. Last August, Ben, who has just graduated from the Ferrandi cooking school, posed with his parents at the Angoulême festival where his parents presented the film “My stupid dog” in which he is a small role. Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg are also the parents of Alice, 17, who was spotted alongside her mother in a Comptoir des Cotonniers campaign.


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