Charm offensive by Bouchez and Magnette

11 augustus 2020


MR Chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez delivered a message in Dutch for the first time, in which he says that the French-speaking liberals make the difference, ‘also for Flanders’. PS chairman Paul Magnette also shows his best side.

‘You will never forget your first time’, MR chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez posted a message in Dutch on Twitter. “With subtitles to be sure,” he added. His message: ‘It is time for a strong government that can fully tackle the consequences of the corona crisis. Economic and social, the MR makes the difference. Also for Flanders. ‘

It is clear that the MR chairman is launching a charm offensive to Flanders, to refute the criticism on the Flemish side that he is torpedoing all attempts to form a government. Bart De Wever made no bones about it. “Everyone is tired of him,” said the N-VA chairman recently.

The preformers De Wever and Paul Magnette, the chairman of the PS, are aiming for a government without the MR. The French-speaking liberals are also in danger of being exchanged in the Walloon government for Maxime Prévot’s cdH.

Bouchez points out that he is reliable: the MR has been “continuously” a loyal and stable partner in the federal government for more than twenty years, he says. ‘For many years we have been working with all democratic parties, from left over the center to the right. It is time for a strong government with a majority in parliament, until the end of the process, ‘says Bouchez, denouncing De Wever and Magnette’s plan to mobilize a government for two years.

South Fleming

PS chairman Paul Magnette also showed his best side on Tuesday. In Het Laatste Nieuws, the PS leader portrayed himself as a man of flesh and blood, who is not the utter devil as he is sometimes portrayed in Flanders.

‘I also say it in my party: friends, read the Flemish newspapers every day, also to know what is going on there. Hypersensitive, I find, when I notice that people have no idea. I am a South Fleming, I sometimes say. (laughs) No, seriously, I admire Flanders. In art, culture, culinary, science, you name it: you really have all the trumps, ‘says Magnette.

I am a South Fleming, I sometimes say.

Paul Magnette

PS chairman

It seems as if the way is being paved to the premiership, which previously fell to PS chairman Elio Di Rupo. Even now there is a lot of speculation about who will become prime minister if the N-VA and the PS can raise a government together. Here and there you can hear that the Sixteen has to go to De Wever or Magnette, but the protagonists do not let their cards look into their cards yet.

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