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Ernesto Guevara, known as the ‘Che Guevara’He was a politician, doctor, guerrilla fighter and one of the commanding officers of the Cuban Revolution.

He died on October 9, 1967.

More than 50 years ago he was wanted in the mountains of Bolivia. He had come there to participate in a revolution against the government of then President René Barrientos Ortuño.

However, he was captured and shot without fulfilling his objectives.

The military held a press conference to show ‘Che’ dead, in October 67.

Several people were involved in his capture and murder. In that mission they participated Bolivian military who lost their lives in confusing circumstances or suffered other setbacks as time passed.

Hence, in popular belief, its fateful outcomes are attributed to the ‘curse of Che Guevara’.

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Gary Prado

It worked as captain of the patrol that captured Guevara that October 8.

“I did more important things in my life than capture it”, he emphasized, a few years ago, in a talk with the ‘EFE’ news agency.

He also shared his controversial hypothesis about the presence of ‘Che Guevara’ in Bolivia: “They sent him to die here. They got rid of him. Thats the reality. (Fidel) Castro got rid of him ”.

Around 1980, Prado was left in a wheelchair due to an accidental shot by a subordinate that severed his spine.

Gary Prado

The soldier was left in a wheelchair due to an accidental shot.

Faced with the myth of the ‘curse’, his son told the ‘BBC’ that the captain, who is currently 83 years old, does not believe in it and continues his old age.

René Barrientos Ortuño

Barrientos, former president of BoliviaHe was the one who gave the order to assassinate the revolutionary once he knew of his capture.

“In Bolivia a recurring phenomenon is happening in our countries: shock, confusion, under the influence of foreign agents”, It was sentenced in 1968 when the nation was experiencing confrontations with the guerrillas.

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René Barrientos, also a general in the Army, died in 1969, aged 49.

The man was mobilizing in a helicopter in the rural area of ​​Arque. As the aircraft took off to return to the city of Cochabamba, it collided with cables, collapsed and, finally, ended up incinerated along with the other three occupants on board.

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Joaquin Zenteno Anaya

Was the commander of the Seventh Division in Santa Cruz. It is said that he chose the soldier who ended Guevara’s life. He would have even been present when he was shot.

“We are not authorized to reveal where his remains have been buried,” he warned when they questioned him where ‘Che’ was buried. However, about 30 years later it was learned that his remains were under the runway of the old Vallegrande airport.

Zenteno moved to Paris, France, to exile himself from the political and social upheaval that Bolivia was experiencing at the time.

He was assassinated in the streets of the French capital, on May 11, 1976, by two hitmen.

Mario Terán Salazar

He is 79 years old. As a member of the Bolivian army, he was in charge of killing ‘Che’.

Guevara, after the capture, was transferred to the La Higuera School, in the department of Santa Cruz.

He waited a few hours until he saw Terán enter one of the rooms and draw his weapon.

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“Be calm, you are going to kill a man”, Guevara said, according to what the soldier recalled in an interview with the newspaper ‘El Mundo’.

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The soldier backed off and fired at him in two bursts.

Salazar has kept a low profile. Of course: he denied to the aforementioned media that his life had been affected after the historical death of Guevara. In fact, after coming to light in 2014, he had to deny that he was blind.

Popular rumors indicated that the ‘curse of Che’ had completely affected his vision.

“I was not blind, I had a simple cataract, and as you are seeing they have scrubbed me, they have left my right eye red”, he maintained while maintaining visual difficulties.

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Andrés Selich

It is general he had made the determination to disappear the remains in the airport area.

It was also part of the celebration organized by the high military commanders to celebrate the death of ‘Che’.

No further details are known about him. It is known that he was assassinated in 1973, as he was blamed for conspiring against the dictator Hugo Banzer.

Roberto Quintanilla

By his orders, the hands of ‘Che’ would have been amputated. Many times it was speculated that Quintanilla proposed to take Guevara’s head, however, this was not proven.

Quintanilla met his death in 1971. He was living in Germany and he was consul.

In the middle of her diplomatic work, the young German Mónika Ertl arrived at her office. She was the daughter of the nicknamed ‘Hitler photographer’ and her affinity for Nazism was known in certain circles.

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The woman arrived with a false interest in obtaining information to travel to Bolivia. He asked Quintanilla some questions and, from one moment to the next, he took out a gun from his wallet with which he shot him.

Although it has not been specified, it is believed that it was in revenge of the guerrilla.

Juan Jose Torres

He served as Chief of the General Staff of the Armed forces.

His name came up because he was accused of changing the autopsy data on the revolutionary’s body.

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It is believed that ‘Che’ was shot multiple times. Abraham Baptista, the doctor who examined him, maintained that it was not like that and apparently he died from a shot to the heart.

“They gave me the order to deny my statement and prepare a new version”, Baptista commented at that time to a Mexican media.

The modification would have been ordered by Juan José Torres, who assumed the Presidency of Bolivia between 1970 and 1971. However, he was overthrown and lived in Argentina until he was kidnapped and assassinated in Buenos Aires, June 2, 1976.

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