cheap gasoline | Is something wrong with my car when I add ‘low cost’ gasoline?

The Gasoline is a fossil fuel used as fuel for internal combustion enginesespecially in vehicles. But within gasoline, there are different qualities.

Las cheap and premium gasoline They differ mainly in their chemical composition and in the refining process. Regular or cheap gasoline usually contains fewer additives and has a lower octanewhile premium gasoline contains more additives and has a higher octane number.

Regular or ‘low cost’ gasoline is usually less expensive than premiumbut may cause problems on some vehicles with engines with high displacement or that require a higher octane rating. This is because regular gasoline is less able to resist self-ignition, which can cause piston knock and eventually engine damage.

engine cleaning

When it comes to additives, cheap gasoline usually contains less, which means that may not clean engine just as good as the premium. On the other hand, premium gasoline often contains special additives to help clean the engine and reduce pollutant emissions.

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In summary, ‘low cost’ gasoline is a cheaper option but may not be the best for all vehicles, while premium gasoline is more expensive but offers a better performance and engine protection. It is important to consult the owner’s manual of the vehicle to determine what type of gasoline is the most suitable for its use.

However, in general, ‘low cost’ gasoline can be used without problems in engines designed to run on regular gasoline.

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