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Today’s report

Hospitalizations due to Covid-19 continued the downward trajectory that began several days ago, according to data from the Sciensano public health institute updated Monday morning. Between April 26 and May 2, 192.7 people were admitted on average per day, a drop of 16% compared to the previous week.

All indicators linked to the coronavirus crisis were down on Monday, with the exception of deaths, which started to rise again very slightly (+ 1.5%). Between April 23 and 29, 39.7 people lost their lives per day on average as a result of the virus. Belgium deplores a total of 24,291 deaths due to the pandemic, or 28 more than the day before.

Since the start of the crisis, some 70,545 people have been hospitalized. The number of Covid patients still in hospitals is currently 2,648 (-8%), of which 825 (-7%) are treated in intensive care.

On average, 3,046 people tested positive for Covid-19 daily between April 23 and 29, a decline of 16% compared to the previous week.

Since the start of the pandemic in Belgium, 995,562 people have been infected with the new coronavirus. The mark of one million positive cases should therefore be crossed at the start of the week.

Some 46,400 tests were carried out each day over the same period (+ 9%), for a positivity rate that fell below the 8% mark, to stand at 7.6% (-1.8%). A first since the end of March.

The reproduction rate is 0.91. When it is below the threshold of 1, this indicator means that the epidemic tends to slow down. As for the incidence, which provides the average number of new daily cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it reached 406.5 over 14 days, down 6%.

One third of adults (33.3%) received a first injection of a SARS-Cov-2 vaccine in Belgium. That’s over 3 million people, 3,055,382 to be precise. Among them, 829,376 received a second dose and thus benefit from complete vaccine protection, ie 9% of the Belgian adult population.

The situation in your municipality

In the infographics below, you can find the number of cases reported in your town yesterday, since the start of the epidemic and since September 1 (start of the 2nd wave). In the map, you have the number of Covid-19 cases per municipality over the last 7 days.

Also find the table and the map of the incidence in your town. This is the total of new contaminations in the last two weeks per 100,000 inhabitants. The higher this figure, the more problematic the situation …

Note that with this incidence, the highest alarm threshold determined by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is set at 240. In Belgium, the objective is for the incidence threshold to be less than 100.


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