Check out the latest Rolls-Royce. It had its European premiere in Prague

The first Rolls-Royce called the Ghost hit the road in 1907. Thanks to its silver color, the Silver Ghost model was created. 113 years later, its latest version arrived in Prague. It has a twelve-cylinder with a volume of 6.7 liters and, of course, a statue of Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood. All in the most modern concept, including, for example, an aluminum body frame or electrically opening doors.

“It is the world’s best-selling model for the carmaker, and we are pleased to be able to show it in Prague for the first time from all over Europe,” said Eva Kadlec Dědochová, head of the Czech representation of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Prague. It was established only five years ago and is a subsidiary of the BMW CarTec dealership, which is controlled by its husband Karel Kadlec.

Czech and Slovak businessmen and fans of the brand could thus stop using the services of Vienna and Dresden, where Rolls-Royce cars used to be sold closest.

Over two and a half tons, the new Ghost accelerates to 100 in 4.8 seconds, has all-wheel drive and 571 horsepower. It measures five and a half meters in length and an extended version of the EX will soon be on the market. The price starts at 250 thousand euros without VAT, in terms of approximately 6.6 million crowns.

At the same time, it is expected that customers can have the car completely customized in the company’s BeSpoke program. The British carmaker with a BMW in its back likes to brag that it can fulfill customers’ virtually any wish that does not endanger road safety. Delivery times are then, of course, extended to tens of months and the price grows in proportion to the wishes of buyers.

Czech and Slovak customers, who were around forty last year (dealerships do not give exact numbers), liked the Dawn convertible the most and also waited a lot for the world’s most luxurious SUV: the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which began shipping last year. In contrast, the Ghost model is one of the most modest rolls, and in the case of this model, the owners are likely to sit behind the wheel themselves and do not rely on the driver’s services.

It has its premiere in Karlín’s Hauch Gallery, where the dealership now invites potential customers not only from the business community. By the way, the first Czech businessman to buy a Rolls-Royce is Jolanta Burkotová. She was happy after selling the Trestles company under construction for a quarter of a century. Today it operates the hotel Chateau Petrovice in the Karviná region.

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