Sport Cheikh Ndoye Takes On His Teammates

Cheikh Ndoye Takes On His Teammates

Cheikh Ndoye is the lawyer of Idrissa Gana Guèye. Criticized by the French press, trolled on social networks, the Senegalese international is living a complicated situation. But for his teammate in the national team, his teammates must show solidarity.

“It’s amazing to see this treatment against him, but it’s up to his teammates to help him through these complicated times, because the criticisms are unfair”, suggested Cheikh Ndoye in the Live Instagram of Footsenegal.

Ndoye believes, however, that Gana will be okay. “He has all the qualities to win the PSG. He is a good footballer and mentally he cannot be disturbed, even if his situation is complicated at the moment ”, he acknowledged.

“More, he adds in last Saturday’s live, mentally, Win has not lost his confidence. It is the French press which seeks to denigrate him for free. It is unacceptable to see these media give him a score of 3, after his match against Lens ”.



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