Chelsea and Manchester United go back to back

Chelsea and Manchester United shared the stake 1-1, this Sunday as part of the 13th day of the Premier League. The Blues dominated but the Red Devils held up well. Romelu Lukaku played 10 minutes.

A priori unbalanced match between Chelsea, leader of the Premier League, and Manchester United in the midst of a crisis, 12 lengths from the Blues.

Manchester United, wanted to find color, after the rout last Saturday at Watford (4-1) which resulted in the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Sloskjaer. Chelsea wanted to maintain their 3-length lead over Manchester City.

At kick-off Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the bench. As one might expect the first assaults came from London. Ziyech then Hudson-Odoi alerted Gea who made two big saves. We’ve only been playing for 4 minutes.

The dominance is blues is blatant. But you have to wait half an hour to find another big opportunity. Rudiger, on the outskirts of Manchester’s surface, fires a missile which crashes into De Gea’s upright.

Despite insolent domination and 70% possession of the ball, Chelsea can’t find the opening and it’s 0-0 at the break.

A saving break for the Red Devils who take control in the 50th. Jadon Sancho opened the scoring against the run of the game. On a long clearance from Fernandes, Jorginho was alone in his half of the field and lacked control. Sancho and Rashford take the opportunity to present themselves against Mendy. Sancho stares at the Senegalese porter. It’s 0-1 for United.

Chelsea takes control of the game and creates a new huge opportunity on the hour mark. On a corner well taken towards the penalty spot and deflected by the back of Wan-Bissaka, Werner strikes at the entrance of the large rectangle but his tense shot ends his race in the stands.

Cristiano Ronaldo climbs to the 64th, but the Portuguese will not manage to create a real opportunity. His only feat of arms is a yellow card for rouspetance in stoppage time.

The pressure of the Blues is rewarded 20 minutes from time. Wan-Bissaka aims for Thiago Silva’s calf in the penalty area. It’s penalty. Jorghino at the base of the Manchester goal catches up. He Gea takes the wrong way. It’s 1-1.

A la 82e minute Romelu Lukaku is launched into the arena, after several weeks on the sidelines due to an injury. But the Red Devil failed to deliver the saving goal to Chelsea. Final score 1-1.

Manchester United showed a big character this Sunday evening, a nice reaction from the Mancunians after a complicated week internally. In the standings Chelsea remains leader in the Premier League (30 pts), one point ahead of Manchester City, and three over Liverpool.

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