Chelsea knows inky family history and submits choice to Kanté

Friday, May 22, 2020 at 16:10

If N’Golo Kanté does not want to play for Chelsea at the resumption in the Premier League, the club management will not be a hindrance, as is known among other things The Times to report. The French midfielder is afraid that he will still catch the coronavirus and in that case it will endanger friends and family members. Kanté already received permission from Chelsea to skip the group training in the near future.

Kanté, who was extensively tested by the medical staff of Chelsea on Thursday, will keep his condition at home for the time being. The 29-year-old midfielder remains in close contact with manager Frank Lampard to discuss the latest developments surrounding the corona crisis. According to the aforementioned newspaper, Kanté’s past plays a role in his decision to remain aloof for the time being. The inspector lost his father at a young age, while his younger brother died of cardiac arrest just before the 2018 World Cup.

Not long ago, the routine person also had to deal with heart complaints. In March 2018, he even went to the ground in a training leading up to the game against Manchester City. Cardiological tests showed that he has no heart problems, however. In people with cardiovascular disease, the disease is more serious when infected with the coronavirus than in others.

The midfielder, who was taken over from Leicester City in 2016, is free to decide when he deems it safe to rejoin Chelsea’s A selection. Kanté did register for the practice session on Tuesday the Blues, after the Premier League gave the green light to resume training in groups of five. Nevertheless, the international of France does not think it wise to be part of “Project Restart”, with June 12 as the intended resumption date in England.

Kanté is not the only player who is concerned about the corona crisis, because Watford captain Troy Deeney does not think resuming training is a good idea either. Shortly after his statements, a player and two staff members of the Hornets the coronavirus has been detected. Ian Woan, Burnley’s assistant manager, has also been infected. In total, 748 corona tests were conducted in the Premier League earlier this week.

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