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Until then, the Chelsea version of Maurizio Sarri was almost perfect. Unsurpassed in the league for almost four months, the English club was able to easily validate his ticket for the round of 32 in League Europe. Despite some difficulties sometimes to realize future opportunities, the game is at the rendezvous. And even if everything is not perfect, the Chelsea of ​​the Italian coach slowly takes shape. But since the return of the international truce, the Blues have much more difficult to chain the results, also showing a problem in the game.

The draw given last November 11 at home against Fulham should have put the insects in their ears. Back in the Premier League two weeks later, Chelsea suffered their first defeat against Tottenham at Wembley. A 3-1 logical joke given the low level shown by some managers. Ten days later, and despite a stagnant victory against Fulham (2-0), it was Wolverhampton who dropped the Blues 2-1 a bit overhauled. "I knew that sooner or later we would have encountered difficulties"he admitted the Italian coach to the press this Friday, on the eve of a shock against the Manchester City leader (game to follow on our website from 5:30 pm).

Sarri has never beat Guardiola

The team clearly marks the rhythm of four league games and is already 10 points behind the Citizen. A defeat tomorrow and will almost be a cross on the Premier League title next May. "When we change the way we play, the style of play, we also have to change the mentality, you have to change the mentality of 25 people, so it's not fast.Sarri has defended himself while admitting he does not have the method to be the first to defeat Manchester City in the league. "I do not know (…) I lost each of my games against Guardiola, so I do not know, just ask someone else."

Chelsea is not a favorite, especially now, as things get serious. What to give headache to the former coach of Naples, who wants to be judged in the long term. "They are better than us today, but our final goal is to be the best team in Europe, we have to work, we have to improve, everything is possible in 90 minutes, we know it will be very difficult but we have to believe it. reacted as a team, at 11 am But in 11 different ways, so it's a big deal, we were not able to have the determination to win the game. " Faced with the best English collective, Sarri necessarily expects a mental response, but also and above all a team response.


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