Sport Chelsea, ready to offer Kepa and money to sign...

Chelsea, ready to offer Kepa and money to sign …

Marc-André ter Stegen For several years he has been the best goalkeeper in the world with Jan Oblak. German is the savior of FC Barcelona and thanks to him the azulgrana add points each season that with another in the goal would not win. The former Borussia Mönchengladbach is unique and at 28 he still has at least four or five more at the highest level. This is why renovation has been marked as a priority in the Barcelona team.

The German goalkeeper ends his contract with Barça in 2022 and at the club he wants to tie his continuity for more years as soon as possible. Right now it seems that everything is stopped by the coronavirus, but in the coming months there should be important news. The goal wants to stay, since he is very happy at the Camp Nou, but he is looking for a significant improvement in his salary, something that right now, with the crisis, is complicated.

For this reason, there are clubs in Europe that want to take advantage of the situation to take over Ter Stegen. In ‘The Telegraph’ they assure that Chelsea is one of them and that Londoners are even planning an offer for him. Frank Lampard, coach of the ‘blues’, does not want Kepa Arrizabalaga and intends to get rid of him in this summer transfer market. For this reason, English would be willing to include Basque in the transfer by German.

He Chelsea would like to convince Barça to sell their goalkeeper by offering the former Athletic Club and money. It is not yet known how much London would pay in cash, but to have any chance it should not be exactly little. However, from the Catalan team they are clear that Ter Stegen is untouchable and they do not plan to listen to any proposal by him. The idea is to renew it and it has been working on it for a long time.

It must be remembered that the ‘blues’ paid 80 million to sign Kepa in 2018. Ondarroa’s became the second most expensive goalkeeper in football history, second only to Alisson, for whom Liverpool paid 84. A Transfer in this way ensured that the one from Bizcaia was a clear bet for the future, but the arrival of Lampard in 2019 changed everything. The legendary former midfielder has always had doubts with him and it even got to sit him in several consecutive days just before the stop due to the coronavirus. The coach wants another goalkeeper for next season and dreams of Ter Stegen.

Cloud, an alternative to Ter Stegen

Unfortunately for Lampard and Chelsea, Barcelona does not sell and they will have to look for other options. The alternative to German is said to be Oblak, but Slovenian is also untouchable at Atlético de Madrid and it will not be a simple operation. The rojiblancos do not want to be left without their guardian angel and they will make their departure very expensive. It remains to be seen what happens in the end with Kepa and the desire of Londoners to sign another goal.


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