Chelsea vs MU is less entertaining


Chelsea vs Manchester United finished without a winner. The duel between the Blue and the Red Devils is considered not to provide an entertaining dish.

In a match at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (28/2/2021), Chelsea vs MU finished 0-0. The host fired 6 shots on target, while MU only shot 4 times on target.

There was one incident in the first half which resulted in a debate. In the 15th minute. One of the Chelsea players made a handball in the penalty box, but the VAR review did not give a favorable decision for MU.

The former England national team player, Matthew Upson, gave his assessment of Chelsea vs MU this time. He labeled this fight less entertaining.

Manchester United definitely thought that Chelsea would be out fighting and the game started off quite brilliantly. But, that never happened, “said Upson on the BBC.

“No team is aggressive enough with their run or trying to get a stab and it always fails and results in a tight match which is less entertaining,” he added.

In this season, Chelsea and MU have faced two times in the Premier League. The Red Devils and the Blues’ matches at Old Traffod also finished without a winner.

For Thomas Tuchel and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, this result makes their meeting record still balanced. Tuchel won 2 times, same as Solskjaer also won 2 times, while 1 other match finished a draw.

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