Chen Xiaojun’s reply to the comment has caused controversy, and it is suspected that Yang Mi’s acting skills are connoted. This is not the first time she has overturned.

Original title: Chen Xiaoyun’s reply to the comment caused controversy, suspected of connotation Yang Mi acting, this is not the first time she has overturned

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The costume TV series “Madam Hu Zhu” starring popular big flower Yang Mi and William Chan is now on the air. The acting skills of the two lead actors are as stable as ever, and the slots are full.

However, it was not the two of them that got on the hot search, but the “female second” Chen Xiaojun in the play. Because of her operation, “Madam Huzhu” was on the cusp and caused a wave of controversy.

Chen Xiaojun plays two roles in “Madam Huzhu”, namely the princesses of the country of residence “Purple Hairpin” and “Tylan”. They have similar appearances and different personalities, and they have the same cut-and-talk with the “Emperor” in the play. The emotional entanglement is still messy, and many viewers are very mad about this pair.

Chen Xiaoyun released a short video on the short video platform, titled “Did you receive Tiranbi’s heart”, a comparison from the modern “Chen Xiaojun” to the ancient “Tilan”.

In the video, she is very beautiful and moving, and she is fascinating to watch. Netizens praised her for her beauty and praised her.

However, there are also a few unfriendly comments in the comments, such as “You are the only highlight of this show, so who is so embarrassed to watch it” in the hot review.

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So the question is, where is the “who”? Are you starring Yang Mi and William Chan? Or is it another starring role in the crew of “Madam Hu Zhu”?

Everyone knows that when I read it, this sentence praised Chen Xiaojun on the surface, but it was actually “invoking the war”, aiming to arouse quarrels among fans. Under normal circumstances, just ignore it, and everyone is in peace.

However, Chen Xiaojun “doesn’t take the usual path”, she not only replied, but also replied very “tea”, you have a taste:

“Thank you for your love. Sister Mi is my idol and a very dedicated artist who is willing to endure hardships. It is my honor to be able to act in a play with her.”

This “Yizhan” comment did not name or name, and Chen Xiaojun’s reply just confirmed that “then who” is Yang Mi. Isn’t this embarrassing the connotation of Yang Mi’s acting skills?

Although Yang Mi’s acting skills have not improved much in recent years, neither his acting nor his lines have met the expectations of audiences and fans, but it is not necessary to forcefully say that Chen Xiaoyun is the “only bright spot”.

The most interesting thing is that Chen Xiaojun also replied to another “Zhan Zhan” comment: “I only saw the part of Tilan and the emperor, and everything else is fast forward.”

Her reply was: “Every one of our scenes is very interesting, and it is also the hard work of all team members.”

There are so many comments complimenting Chen Xiaojun under the short video, but she picked the two most controversial comment replies from them, which seemed to be very official, but actually exposed her careful thoughts.

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Originally, Chen Xiaoyun grabbed a good hand. In “Mrs. Huzhu”, she was the “female second” and she played a very heavy role.

The “Purple Hairpin” played by Chen Xiaojun just appeared on the stage, and she was amazed by the audience. Wearing a veil, she winks like silk, which is a real circle of fans, but because of her low emotional intelligence response, she lost a wave of goodwill.

But it is not actually the first time that Chen Xiaojun has “rolled over”. She had participated in the second season of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” because of “participle” and Joey Yung’s disagreement.

Chen Xiaoyu wanted to sing the beginning. Joey Yung believed that the beginning was very important and needed a more suitable person to sing. But Chen Xiaoyu insisted on singing, and Joey Yung had no choice but to let Chen Xiaoyu sing a trial and let everyone make a decision.

Chen Xiaojun couldn’t stand it any longer, so he cried, and said Joey Yung “forced” her to sing…

After the show, Chen Xiaoyun posted a dynamic saying, “Actors and singers are also professionally distinguished”, and for a while, I didn’t know what she meant.

What’s terrible is that Chen Xiaojun is still a bit “yin and yang” in the comments: “If you feel sorry for Sister Zuer, go to her to cheer and cheer.”

The implication is-is Joey Yung not as popular as her?

Chen Xiaojun, he wants to be a professional ballet dancer.

In the variety show “Supernova National Games”, her performance is very good, archery, swimming, gymnastics, everything is brilliant, why is her EQ so low? Act more and talk less.

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But thinking about it from another angle, Chen Xiaojun’s operation is likely to be “hype.” After all, “Mrs. Huzhu” has just been broadcast, and it was during the publicity period. Didn’t this give the TV series a lot of enthusiasm.

In the entertainment industry, “black and red” is also red.

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