Chen Zhijian: The Other Side of “Acquaintance with Jun Chu”

Chen Zhijian: The Other Side of “Acquaintance with Jun Chu”

2022-04-10 19:14:45Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Net News Recently, the costume fairy tale “Acquaintance with Jun Chu” starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Ren Jialun came to an end and achieved good ratings for the year’s premiere. In the play, the “emotional drama” between Hong Kong actors Chen Zhijian and Di Ali Gerba attracted attention. Chen Zhijian debuted and joined TVB after winning the runner-up in “Mr. Hong Kong”, and has starred in many well-known film and television works so far. In addition to being active on the screen as a powerful actor of the Mesozoic generation in Hong Kong, Chen Zhijian also publishes a lot of fitness and food related videos on social media from time to time. He strongly advocates everyone to exercise and live happily together. As a result, Chen Zhijian accepted an exclusive interview with the media, revealing the unknown front and back scenes, such as drama life.

Talking about the cooperation with Dilireba

Work attitude and professionalism are appreciated

Speaking of Chen Zhijian, many fans are no strangers. In 2009, he played Dai Zihao in “Decoding of Kindness”; in 2012, he played the supporting role of Dai Zili “Ali” in “The King of Fighters” and successfully appeared. In recent years, he has also participated in works such as “Forensic Pioneer IV”, “Criminal Investigation Diary”, “Partners Do Major Events” and “Apostle Walker 3”. Since Chen Zhijian’s debut, he has appeared in countless works. Last year, he was shocked by the mainland film and television circle for the first time, and he took 7 major dramas in one go.

In the story of “Acquaintance with Jun Chu”, Chen Zhijian played the role of “Weasel”, and he had a lot of rivalry with the spiritual master “Ji Yunhe” played by Di Lieba. Talking about the cooperation with Reba in “Acquaintance with Jun”, Chen Zhijian praised Reba’s work attitude and professionalism, and the person is also very beautiful. Speaking of the opportunity for cooperation with “Meeting You at the beginning of time”, Chen Zhijian revealed, “Last year, I had the opportunity to play and film a short drama. After that, I met many directors in Shanghai. After I went to Hengdian, I also had TVB. With the performance qualifications of many dramas, I am fortunate to keep taking new dramas.”

Talking about the 7 episodes filmed last year, Chen Zhijian bluntly said that he was actually very comfortable, “When I was on TVB in the early years, I would start shooting three dramas at the same time. There is that scene. But last year, I could have a break when I was filming. As long as I had a break, I was actually very comfortable. During the filming process, I was very clear about how to arrange the time and distribution. The director made the film very quickly, so I think it was very enjoyable, I think When you go to shoot with a wave of powerful people, you will improve a lot, so there is no feeling of hard work at all, but enjoyment.”

Chen Zhijian said that the difference between filming in the Mainland and Hong Kong is not very big anymore, but Mandarin is a challenge for him. When everyone arrived on the set, the actors performed their respective duties, were very proficient in the script, communicated very smoothly, and the running-in and entry into the film were very fast. After I just entered Hengdian and finished filming, I felt like I was confused. Frankly speaking, not every drama in Hong Kong will have such a large production team. In fact, the 7 dramas I filmed last year were all bigger than the previous ones. So I think last year was a good year for me. During the filming process, I not only broadened my horizons, but also learned a lot of on-screen, off-screen, and life growth.”

Talk about choice and pursuit

Learned a lot from my father-in-law Luo Lelin

In the past two years, most TVB artists have come to the mainland for development, and their first choice is to carry out live broadcasts. Talking about this topic, Chen Zhijian said that he is really lucky to be able to continue filming. He met many noble people last year, and even if he received bad reviews in his growth, it was a precious experience. “I think I am very lucky, I can always be loyal to what I have chosen. In the future, the focus of my work will be more on the mainland, because the directors and teams I meet in the mainland will provide some deep and broader opportunities to Let me try and perform more diverse roles and a richer life.”

From “Forensic Pioneer”, “Apostle Walker”, “Criminal Investigation Diary” to the current “Acquaintance with Jun Chu”, Chen Zhijian played tricks from the beginning, and then gradually increased his role and was familiar with more people. He has also been on the road of acting. With their own persistence, no matter the size of the role, they are all equally serious about pondering and creating. “There are only small actors, no small roles,” Chen Zhijian said seriously.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Chen Zhijian’s father-in-law is Luo Lelin, an old TVB drama bone. Chen Zhijian said frankly that his father-in-law Luo Lelin brought him a lot of influence and inspiration. “As the first generation of Yang Guo, he is very famous, but he is playing roles big and small. Although he may not be the protagonist in the play, he is indeed the protagonist in his acting career.” Speaking of his own Father-in-law, Chen Zhijian is very grateful. “The protagonist of your life is always yourself, and you must be determined to be your own protagonist. But in the play, there is no size, it is the biggest play.” Chen Zhijian said that being able to stick to the path of being an actor is entirely out of love and perseverance, as well as the initial dream of experiencing a variety of different lives.

Talk about hobbies and daily life

Fitness trainers are sculptors of muscles

In addition to acting, Chen Zhijian’s biggest hobby is fitness. He has been and has been a private fitness coach for many famous friends in the circle, such as Huang Zongze and Ouyang Zhenhua. Chen Zhijian has been insisting on fitness during the interval between acting, and will also post videos to social media to call on everyone to exercise together. He said that fitness has brought him a lot, and he has made himself an artist in life, constantly sculpting his muscles, “people who work out actually carve muscles, but I’m actually a sculptor. Aha! I can I can control this point of sculpture to what I want, and I can choose what I like. In fact, I think this point is also applicable to my life, that is, you can’t choose which role to play in acting, but every part of fitness You can choose whatever you want.” Chen Zhijian also said that fitness can help you learn to persevere, “Fitness is about knowing your body, and the better you communicate with your body, the less pain you will have. Also, fitness is actually very simple, you pay for it. It will pay you back as much as you can, it won’t deceive you, and you can’t deceive it.”

Talking about the daily life with mainland actors in the crew, Chen Zhijian said that in addition to jokes, the most talked about privately is fitness and health. Chen Zhijian said: “Sometimes, actors and friends will ask me about fitness topics because they want to exercise or because of plot needs, and I will not only explain to them how to exercise healthily and effectively, but also make soup and share with you my own. Cooking, everyone tastes soup, talks about opera, fitness, and sports, so happy.”

Regarding fitness advice for beginners, Chen Zhijian said, “Actually, you can think about it, stick to an hour every morning, and a year is 365 hours. At the beginning, you should not be so strict, don’t set a difficult goal, it is a It’s a slow process, there’s really no miracle. Give yourself a little more sweetness, and everything will slowly get better.”

Talk about growth and life

Every step in life counts

Chen Zhijian also revealed his unknown young working experience. When he was just in middle school, Chen Zhijian got up at 5:00 in the morning and went to work first and then went to school. He revealed that he persisted for more than a year, learned to be self-reliant, and no longer asked his parents for money, “I used to send newspapers to go to school for a while. I was late. At that time, we were late for three times and recorded one minor demerit. Three minor demerits equaled one major demerit. If we recorded three major delinquents, we immediately dropped out of school. The teacher told me that I could not be late again. I said sorry to the newspaper boss, I really I can’t finish it, can I send more tomorrow. The boss is very good and said yes, but there is no salary today. My reaction is that it’s okay, because he made me understand that there is no free lunch in the world, what do you want? You have to make corresponding efforts, and along the way, acting and being a person are actually the same.”

In addition to acting and fitness, Chen Zhijian is also constantly trying new things in his life, “Now I am learning more about Chinese history and culture in my spare time, and I also want the characters I play to have more spirit, energy and spirit that belong to the Chinese. In addition, I also like to cook. In fact, I just started electrocution not as an actor, but as the host of a TVB food show, and I also learned to cook more than 200 dishes at that time.”

When asked how to achieve a balance between life and work, Chen Zhijian said, “Waking up early brings a lot of benefits to myself. Except for the necessary filming, I always go to bed at eleven or twelve in the evening and get up at six in the morning to exercise. , you will find that waking up early will allow you to see more different scenery.” Zhang Jing, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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