Chepito, the goat milker who disappeared after attending a birthday in Seville

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The last proof of life that Alba Luz Jarquín has of his brother is the recording that the camera at the Sevillian bar La Morena made that night. He has saved on his mobile the three frames that he has obtained, the last one dated at 01:42 a.m. on Sunday, May 21, 2023. The images were taken from inside the bar of the premises. Leaning on it, in front of the beer tap, you can see the missing man, José Bismark Jarquín Martínez38-year-old Nicaraguan.

He wears a retro black and white Goorin Bros cap with an eagle embroidered on the front and the word “freedom“(freedom). To her right, the owner of the establishment is seated; to her left, a stranger who puts his hand on her shoulder, whom Alba would later identify as Alberto, also Nicaraguan. There’s no room for a pin in the tiny bar, 19 personas There are, at least inside, mostly South Americans and some Sevillian grandparents: a man with his left arm in a cast, another in front of the slot machine with a bottle in his hand, a rider with reflective vest and motorcycle helmet on…

Joseph Bismark, Chepito They call him, he left a wife and three children of 18, seven and one year old in White River -33,000 inhabitants, in central Nicaragua- to emigrate to Spain on November 12, 2021. He thus followed in the footsteps of two of his brothers: our interlocutor, Alba Luz, who works caring for an elderly person in Badajoz, and Miguel Ángel . He was going to return to Nicaragua and crossed Chepito his job on a livestock farm in Viso del Alcor (Seville). “The work was milk goats in the field with another boy from Nicaragua, Orlando. The two live in a small house owned by the owners on the outskirts of Visor de Alcor. They worked at dawn. At four they got up, had a coffee and left. What my brother told me is that there were times when they milked 800-1,000 goats a day,” Alba Luz details Chepito’s tasks.

The Nicaraguan, the sister explains, had come to Spain with the intention, like her, of saving a good sum as soon as possible and returning to his country soon, so he was not one to go out and spend. He did it once a month, twice at most, and he always frequented two places located around the Virgen Macarena University Hospital, in the Sevillian neighborhood of the same name: the Latin Mix and the aforementioned The Morena.

At 4:40 p.m. on Saturday, May 20 – the day officially set as the day of the disappearance – Alba Luz received an audio and video from her brother. Chepito was got on the bus that took him from Viso de Alcor to Seville. He was heading with his co-worker, Orlando, to the friend’s birthday of the latter’s girlfriend that was celebrated in Mix Latina.

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